September 22, 2021

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He failed his driving test three times because of a Tesla.  Elon Musk is too tech?

He failed his driving test three times because of a Tesla. Elon Musk is too tech?

It’s hard to believe what an obstacle to getting a driver’s license could be the technology created by Elon Musk. The Tesla Model 3 driver did not expect this. Especially he passed the exam where Tesla is very popular.

Tesla is too complicated

Some US states have introduced a reduced validity period for driver’s licenses for people who become residents of that state. This applies to people who are temporarily residing, working or educating in this situation. The minimum validity period for a driver’s license is 90 days (Illinois) or 30 days (Florida).

The story described by the portal Teslarati unbelievable. The 38-year-old scientist moved from the East Coast to work at the University of California. As a result, he had to apply to reissue his driver’s license.

The guy was an experienced driver, so he did not expect problems with obtaining a driver’s license.
The Tesla Model 3 family was a driver’s test car. As it turned out, it was a big mistake, because he failed the exam three times.

Source: Tslara

Elon Musk is too tech?

Sunny California is at the heart of America’s electric vehicle transformation. Fremont is the home of Tesla and there Elon Musk produces among others the Model 3 and Model Y. Despite the fact that Tesla is very popular there, it is not recognized by DMV examiners.

The first attempt at the test drive was unsuccessful, which surprised the owner of the Tesla Model 3. The reason was surprising. The driver heard that it failed because Tesla had the wrong setup. According to the examiner, the vehicle should be set to “Cooling Mode” and the vehicle’s control system should be set to “Comfort”.

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Another attempt, this time with the correct settings, also did not end with obtaining the necessary document. The DMV examiner informed the Tesla owner that it failed due to a Model 3 “automatic engagement.” The examiner explained that he felt the brakes even when the brake pedal was not physically depressed.

The driver’s patience was tested because, as you know, regenerative braking is a common feature among electric cars. It is also not connected in any way to the automatic functions of the Model 3. After speaking to the testers, the Tesla driver decided to do the test in a car with a manual transmission.

This was not what the family expected, but they eventually managed to get a Toyota Camry from a car rental company. Unfortunately, the DMV office in Los Angeles rejected the Camry because he did not own it.

In the end, the Tesla owner was accepted into the third exam, using a car rented from the LA DMV office. The driver paid $140 for the opportunity, which is $40 more than the Camry the driver had previously rented. Unfortunately for the guy, he was failing again even though the DMV examiner admitted he appeared to have extensive driving experience.

Tesla Model 3
image credit tesla

Do you want to pass your driver’s license? Never choose electric

The whole story is surprising considering that in the first two tests it was the characteristics of the Tesla Model 3 that caused the tester to fail the owner of the car.

The CA DMV has confirmed that there are no rules preventing customers from passing a Tesla driving test. The office added that it is working to ensure that examiners understand the functions and their impact on leadership.

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With this in mind, the agency advised drivers wishing to pass a Tesla driving test to speak to their manager first to avoid problems. It turns out that Elon Musk has overused technology in his cars.

In Poland, at the moment, individual schools offer an electric driving license course. In the future, an electric car driving test may cause a different problem.

Most electric cars do not have a traditional gearbox. Thus, any driver who passes the electric vehicle driving test may not drive the vehicle with a manual gearbox.