June 19, 2021

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He fell out of the cockpit.  He was rescued by the crew and luck

He fell out of the cockpit. He was rescued by the crew and luck

  • In the 13th minute of flight, the cockpit was depressurized, causing the left windshield to fall off
  • Pilot Tim Lancaster survived thanks to stewardess Nigel Ogdeni and luck
  • The accident occurred as a result of poor aircraft maintenance and defective safety procedures
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As a result of a failure aboard the BAC One-Eleven 528FL, which was flying in 1990 from Birmingham to Malaga, Spain, the cockpit pressure was rapidly lowered. When the windshield of the left cockpit thinned, the air escaped from the plane with such force that it literally sucked Captain Tim Lancaster out of his seat.

What was happening in the cockpit?

The accident occurred in the 13th minute of the flight. When Tim Lancaster fell partially from the flying plane, the flight attendant, Nigel Ogden, reacted quickly and grabbed the captain by the legs. Unfortunately, this turned off the autopilot, causing the machine to seriously reduce its flight. The first officer, Alistair Atchinson, took control of the situation and decided to continue descending the plane to a safe altitude in terms of air pressure and oxygen levels. All this time, he also wondered where he could land and where the nearest airport was.

After being notified of the incident, air traffic control directed Atchison to Southampton Airport. When the plane landed, the appropriate services and rescue teams were waiting on the spot. The drama lasted 22 minutes. It was a real fight for the lives of the cabin crew and passengers. After landing, the pilot was taken to the hospital. The man was seriously injured.

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What is the reason for failure?

According to investigators, the accident occurred due to the omission of engineers who replaced the windshield panel the night before the flight. The screws they used to hold the windshield were too tight and too short. Further investigations also revealed that the aircraft had a design flaw – the windows had to be installed from the outside.

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Source: Interia

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