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He had already asked for a divorce during the wedding. He got angry with the song – o2

He had already asked for a divorce during the wedding.  He got angry with the song - o2

And “Mirror” reported that the bride asked the DJ to play the song “Mistara” by Miss Kan. The title can be translated as “I’m in control,” and its heroine is a jealous woman who threatens her partner not to even try to take care of other ladies, because she rules their relationship.

The wedding ended in divorce. The bride and groom quarrel over a song

The bride danced to the tunes of “Mistra” as before. However, the fact that she asked to play Kana’s song and had a great time listening to it did not appeal to her new husband’s family.

The man himself was not pleased either. He took his wife’s decision as a serious admission that she intended to take him under his slippers.

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A violent quarrel broke out between the families of the bride and groom. Things got so bad that the newly married husband decided to divorce his new wife during the wedding.

Feelings between the young couple did not subside even after the failed wedding. Eventually, the two upheld a divorce, possibly joining the ranks of the shortest marriages in history.

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