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He is 11 years old and has two companies! At 15, she can retire as a millionaire (photos)

He is 11 years old and has two companies!  At 15, she can retire as a millionaire (photos)

It is impossible not to notice that life nowadays is much faster and more intense than it was a dozen or so years ago. Today’s children are also entering adulthood very quickly. This can be seen, for example, in young people (often minors), who often earn more than their parents, or young participants in children’s beauty contests focused on fame and money.

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A good example of how young today’s youth can be is the figure of a particular woman Pixie Curtis. The 11-year-old does not fight for the title of “Little Miss” and does not only focus on posting photos on Instagram, but also earns her own money. And not just any amounts.

The Australian, despite her young age, already runs two thriving businesses and can earn up to 1 month 560 thousand Polish zlotys. Pixie’s first business is the production of games. According to US Insider, its brand earned a significant amount within its first month of operation. 140 thousand dollars. Curtis products are said to be a real hit among the younger ones. Her other company, Pixie Bows, makes and sells hair bows.

Financially, the 11-year-old is doing so well that she can easily retire soon.

In an interview with the site, the woman confirmed that Pixie started working on her own. No one forced her to work and no one would urge her to run the company indefinitely:

Once she decides she’s tired of him and doesn’t want to participate in the promotion, she won’t be the face of her company says Curtis’ mother Roxy.

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Well, now tell me how much money her parents invested in her work and development. Even if the child is smart, it still requires a lot of money and logistics on the part of the parents. They basically run it.

Well, I guess she’s not a genius, someone should take care of this business for her

Certainly I… wish I had such resourceful parents

If only at 15 she hadn’t been depressed and having a meltdown when she realized she didn’t have a childhood. awesome.

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With a little Pixie, there is no entrepreneur – just crafty seniors who come up with an innovative idea of ​​how to advertise a company.

You are fake 🤦🏼 ♀️🤦🏼 ♀️🤦🏼 ♀️

In 10-15 years there will be depression, drug addiction and regression. Good luck and God bless you. Congratulations to the old.

I have never read worse than bullshit. An 11-year-old girl produces toys, that is, she contacts a plastic supplier (or whatever she needs for production), then these toys are made by the machine in the factory, and she takes care of business matters such as billing, taxation, advertising, and this … Parents have nothing to do with it.. Facepalm , just zenua like that young millionaire Piotr K. and the crowd swallows him up like swans.

And then you will be like Britney. It’s such a waste of childishness on Instagram.

You probably hate it, but I will say it – old people are smart. Clipping my wings, instilling low self-esteem and fear – you won’t succeed, don’t risk it, it’s for you. As a result, I find it difficult to live. At least she isn’t worried about money.

He will earn enough money for treatment once he realizes all this

The mother confirms that the child has started working on his own. oh..

normal kid. Mummy is probably crazy about profits and social media, and the baby face has been promoted on this by the way. It has long been known that these children’s faces in magazines and online stores are the result of parents’ acquaintances with other people involved in show business.

Yes..and after 10 years of drug and alcohol abuse

And it’s free: depression, neurosis and other similar illnesses… caused by the lack of a normal childhood. Greetings

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