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he is here !! Episode 9 Podcast with Polish lessons for children from Ukraine – Polish radio for children

Polish Children’s Radio, which wants to help children from Ukraine learn to speak Polish, has prepared a special podcast show, the purpose of which is to help build mutual understanding and good communication. – Prepared Polish lessons help build a common language, understanding, give children the basis to feel safe, find themselves in a new situation, make friends and again feel the joy of children – says Agnieszka Malinowskaa psychiatrist who collaborates with the antenna.

Click and listen to the 9th episode of the Polish language lesson and you will also find other episodes

In each episode, Polish words useful in everyday life are shown.

in the episode 1 From the podcast, we’ll learn how to say hi and introduce ourselves. This is the first thing that will come in handy when talking to a new friend. першій серії подкасту я навчу вас правильно вітатись. е перше річ яка знадобиться в розмові з новим другом.

in the episode 2 In the podcast, we will learn how to say that what someone is saying is incomprehensible and that we need help. At the end of the episode, we’ll learn how to say thank you in Polish. These phrases will come in handy when talking to a new friend. Lyrics meaning: ьому епізоді ми дізнаємося, як просити про допомогу та дякувати.

in the episode 3 We’ll talk about comfort. We will learn how to correctly say “Saturday”, “Sunday” and “Weekend”. на найближчому епізоді поговоримо про відпочинок. и знаємо як правильно говорити такі слова як «субота», «неділя» and «вихідні».

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in the episode 4 We’ll learn how to speak on other days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. “

in the episode 5 We’re talking about what you can eat for breakfast. If you love cereal, scrambled eggs or sandwiches, this episode is not to be missed. и поговоримо про те, о можна їсти на сніданок. кщо любите сти пластівці, яєчню або бутерброди, то не можете пропустити серії.

in the episode 6 We will learn how to speak Polish: chips, candy, ice cream and bar. .

in episode 7 We will get to know the names of the different games that are popular in the stadium. Lyrics meaning: ьому епізоді ми дізнаємось назви різних гор, популярні на дитячому майданч.ику.

in episode 8 In this episode we will learn words like ball, volleyball, team, player. кщо любиш спорт, то в й серії взнаєш такі слова як футбол, волейбол, команда лен команди.

In Episode 9 You will learn useful words in school or kindergarten. .

Lessons are prepared and recorded by a citizen of Ukraine who has lived in Poland for many years Anastasia Borkonyukwho teaches her compatriots to speak Polish without an oriental accent. The content presented in the podcast will allow children to communicate more easily in preschool and school life. They will be able to learn how to use simple words to talk to new friends and colleagues, and how to explain what they like to do, what they play or what they like to have for breakfast. Podcast with children from Ukraine.

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Polish radio for children It’s around the clock Radio for kids and parents. Each week the station broadcasts more than 130 premiere programmes, including educational, travel, cultural and entertainment programs as well as fiction, radio plays and podcasts. In broadcasts you can hear what is known and loved songs for kids. Radio Polish journalists for children use social media to engage listeners to actively participate in the programs and encourage them to play together in the many quizzes and puzzles available in the form of colorful graphics.

Polish radio for children It also invites you to enjoy the rich Offers podcasting Antennas, which are very popular shows for the youngest: “Children’s Tales”, “Tales of the peoples of the world”, “Bajania Kulfona i Monika. For children” and also Travel or Counseling Podcasts for Parents, including a podcast made by me Nowakowska I’m going. We invite you to

All Polish radio broadcasts for children are a source of comprehensive knowledge, develop children’s sensitivity to sounds and are safe – they protect the youngest from unwanted stimuli and information, because The station does not broadcast any advertisements!

More station activity can be found in the profile of Polish Radio for Children at Social media.

Polish Radio for Children – We broadcast on the children’s wave!

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