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He is the dirtiest man in the world. Not washed in 70 years

He is the dirtiest man in the world.  Not washed in 70 years

  • Amo Hajji became very sad when he was a teenager, which led him to refuse to pay attention to hygiene
  • The 87-year-old refuses to eat fresh food and relies on carrion. Instead of fresh water, he drinks dirty water, which is drawn directly from puddles
  • Haji’s favorite activity is smoking animal feces in a pipe and talking about politics. When he lacks fertilizer, he smokes five cigarettes of tobacco at a time
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87-year-old Amo Haji, known as “the dirtiest man in the world,” stopped bathing seven decades ago and, according to “All That’s Interesting” reports, is frustrated when villagers from a nearby village try to share fresh food and water with him. The pilgrim loves corpses, especially rotting porcupines, and drinks water from a rusty oil can after scooping them out of a puddle.

Some locals say that Haji has not washed in 70 years because he is afraid of water, while others say that the old man only believes that water and hygiene cause illness, and some say that he began to isolate himself from society after becoming a fallen teenager. In love with a woman who rejected him, ZME Science reported.

Photo: Getty Images North America / AFP

Amo Hajj – The dirtiest man in the world

“The dirtiest man in the world” smokes animal droppings, eats carrion and.. is healthy

One of the pilgrims’ favorite pastimes is smoking a pipe with animal excrement. When Ruth is not found nearby, he is content with classic tobacco cigarettes, which he takes from locals from time to time, and interestingly enough, he smokes up to five at a time. The pilgrim sleeps in a hole in the ground, but a few years ago he agreed to help the friendly residents who built him a brick hut, in which he sleeps when it is cold or damp outside.

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The pilgrim adapts to the onset of cold days by wearing a few pieces of clothing and covering his head with an old military helmet. The 87-year-old also has a more traditional hobby – he pursues politics and loves to discuss wars, especially those involving Russia and France during the French Revolution. From time to time he is verbally and physically attacked – however, the governor of the province in which his village is located, condemned such actions and emphasized that stones should not be thrown at the hermit.

As “PopCrush” reports, Hajj is in good health due to his unhealthy lifestyle. Dr. Glamers Molloy, A.; A parasitologist from the Faculty of Public Health in Tehran examined Hajji and his blood and concluded that his health was very good and that he could only complain of trichinosis, a parasitic infection caused by eating raw or undercooked meat. But the “dirtiest man in the world” does not show unpleasant symptoms that could put his life at risk.

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