September 23, 2021

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“Without health, there is no joy in this life,” said Vice-Olympic champion Maria Andrichik from Tokyo in the parking lot in front of the Church of the Holy Cross in Omoa. Physiotherapist ukasz Borowski encouraged movement, because as it turns out, wearing furniture is less stressful for the spine than sitting. It all happened on a health walk to promote the 40+ Prevention Program Ideas and Preventive Checkups, organized by the Podlasie Chapter of the National Health Trust.

Many people, over the age of 60, have benefited from the possibility of various tests and advice. The Podlaskie branch of the National Health Trust organized a health walk on Sunday, where everyone who appeared in front of the Holy Cross Church in Lomza could receive advice from specialist doctors (dermatologist, cardiologist) and could perform basic examinations and consultations, for example regarding diet. Many incoming residents have benefited from the skill and strength of the physiotherapist.

Prevention 40+ is a set of completely free basic tests for people over 40 years old. Maciej Olsinski, director of the Podlasie National Health Trust, said solid data show that both the lack of physical activity and the stress associated with virus isolation caused the health of Poles to deteriorate.

From mid-June 2021, every Polish person over the age of 40 can take a range of tests such as cholesterol, blood glucose, liver enzymes, urine tests, PSC tests for prostate cancer, blood pressure measurements, BMI tests, and BMI. To use these tests, simply call the Home Health Care Hotline at 22735 39 53 or through your online patient account. However, before receiving advice or a referral, you should fill out a questionnaire about diseases and eating habits. In Poland, people over the age of 40 make up more than half of the population.

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– We take care of equipment, take care of cars, carry out periodic inspections and do oil changes. We take care of something that can be repaired and replaced with a new one, and we do not care about our health. Deputy Jaroslav Zelensky pointed out the need for these revisions, because we are exhausted. – And the little ones are prone to diseases, but over time the body becomes weaker and you really need to do these preventive checks to know what is happening to our body and when you need to respond. The more the better – said the paramaster.

Organizers invited Maria Andrzek to Łomża, who won the Olympic silver medal in beautiful style during the last Olympics in Tokyo.

– I’m here to encourage you to take care of your health. As a professional athlete, I know very well how important this health is, as it is the main determinant of how we compete. When I don’t have this health, I can’t even take part in this competition – the champion explained. I have missed the diagnosis twice in my life and had to undergo surgery twice. I would like you to avoid something like this – I warned the large audience who had just left the church. – We professional athletes are obligated to complete tests in every area every six months in order to control our bodies. By controlling the body, we gain awareness of our body and our health, and thanks to that, we can also control our lives. Without health, there is no pleasure in this life – I summed it up.

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– Prevention is better than cure. We all know that. But I will say more. Cardiologist Marcin Misko added that detecting the disease at an early stage before it leads to complications is better than it at a later stage. Don’t be afraid of something coming out. Because even if it appears at an early stage, we can prevent very serious complications, such as heart attack or stroke, which we already observe in hospitals.

The biggest queue was to the station where basic research was done. Right next to him, from behind the curtain, you can almost see the man tearing the patient’s head off, lying in silence.

– You had a blockage in the cervical spine – explains physiotherapist ukasz Borowski. The patient’s movement was limited, and he could not turn his head to the left completely. Through manipulation techniques, she allowed me to open it up and helped him.

The physiotherapist notes that such people are more and more adult. Especially after the pandemic period, where we were sitting more, the number of these cases increased, and unfortunately, it comes to the younger and younger cases. It shows that carrying furniture is less stressful than sitting. Those who sit behind a desk do more work on the spine than manual work. Every movement and every physical activity is good for us – encourage Łukasz Borowski.

The physiotherapist advises the generation over the age of 40 to go out for walks and run. Think about the traffic, not what’s going on around you.

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Another tip is to take a long, hot shower. To relax your muscles a bit, then ask your partner to blow on the places that hurt, whether it’s the neck or the spine. Every touch is helpful here, and it’s very hard to get hurt. Encourage to go ahead and give it a try.

During the research, the Nadzieja Rescue Group has prepared a stand where you can get vaccinated against covid-19.

You don’t have to be smart, you don’t have to be smart. The disease is terrible, and the vaccine, however, is very effective and effective – stressed MP Zieliński. He also referred to his experience with the disease. – I avoided the worst, but for a month this disease was creeping up on me – he added. Not knowing what vaccines will bring, but knowing that they immunize us against disease today, it is worth giving up.

Encourage people to talk, put forward arguments and educate people.

When the fourth wave comes, we must be immune to it. There is no greater value than health, health is life. It can be a small step from one disease…