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Healthy grill? Forget about pouring beer and piercing meat – Zdrowie Wprost

Healthy grill?  Forget about pouring beer and piercing meat - Zdrowie Wprost

Roast pork neck or black pudding that is eaten from time to time will never hurt anyone. But if you are a fan of grilled food, it makes sense to avoid what makes grilled food seriously bad for your health.

Do not puncture the meat on the grill

Just thinking about a piece of meat sizzling on the grill makes you drool? When preparing such meat, do not prick it. This releases the fat and juices that flow over the coals. Burning fat causes carcinogens to be deposited on grilled meat. For the same reason, meat should not be grilled for a long time, and over-roasting or slightly burning meat will also be harmful.

The solution to avoiding fat dripping directly onto the coals is to use grill trays.

Don’t pour beer on the grill

Pouring beer onto roast pork neck or skewers is a very common practice. However, it is worth knowing that it has neither taste nor health benefits. First, the liquid makes you rinse off the seasonings and seasonings from the meat. Second, it cools the grill, causing the meat to lose its temperature. Finally, it ignites the smoke and ash that are deposited on the meat.

How to grill more healthily?

Take care of diversity. You can not put pork neck or sausage that is dripping with fat only on the grate. Grilled fish or vegetables are healthy options. You can grill corn, peppers, zucchini, or eggplant.

Serve grilled meats not only with a piece of bread and mustard, but also be careful not to run out of fresh vegetables and fruits on the picnic table. A light summer salad (for example with fresh lettuce, cucumber and dill) will be a good addition to grilled dishes.

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