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Heat pump heating. “20-30% cheaper than gas”

Heat pumps are gaining in popularity in Poland. The use of this ecological technology for building heating is associated not only with concern for the environment, but also with the desire to save on heating.

The Poles are buying a record quantity heat pumps. This market is developing in our country The fastest in Europe. In the coming years, the share of this type of equipment among additionally purchased heating sources may increase, which, with interest in green energy, should have a positive effect on air conditioning in Poland. journalists spoke about heat pumps with Pawe Lachman, head of the Polish organization for the development of heat pump technology (PORT PC). The interview provided positive information for representatives of the heat pump industry. It’s good, and could improve in the coming years.

Lachman notes that the increase in heat pump sales in Poland was 11 years ago. The Clean Air program plays an important role in the popularization of these devices, as it makes it possible to obtain subsidies for the purchase of environmental heat sources. Another incentive to invest in heat pumps is the Moje Ciepło program, which not only popularizes these devices, but also promotes energy improvement in buildings.

Heat pump – heating is cheaper than gas

– Of course, very favorable prices in terms of heating costs for existing buildings, which are at the tariff level of G12w 20-30 percent smaller than in the case of gas heating. It is much more in new buildings. In addition, heat pumps have become an accepted and understandable technology, in which confidence has increased – said the president of PORT PC.

Currently heat pump Make up 20 percent of heating appliances sold on the Polish market. Paweł Lechman claims that within a few years it is possible to achieve a level of 50%. influenced by popularity photovoltaic cells. According to the head of PORT PC – nearly 16 percent. users Photovoltaic installations Was thinking of buying a heat pump.

However, it should be noted that existing consumers may hold back a bit from investing in them heat pump. This is affected by the system net bilingoThis makes it difficult to estimate the operating costs of this type of device.

Karol Kotowski, journalist at Gadgetomania

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