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Heinen admired the Poles. It highlights one deficiency. “Only in this way will it be completed”

Heinen admired the Poles.  It highlights one deficiency.  "Only in this way will it be completed"

anyway polishing volleyball players They lost the World Championship final at home with Italy, and it’s quite clear that only fans and experts can appreciate the team’s upcoming success in recent years. There is more happiness than frustration because this is a silver and not the third gold in a row.

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Poland – Italy. You are a hero for us anyway!!! What failed?

Heynen on Polish volleyball players: They have shown themselves to be world-class players

We asked the former Polish coach, Vital Heinen, to convey the message he would like to tell the players or fans in Poland. – What I want to convey more is that Poland appreciates the fact that this team with a new coach, a different one, maybe not necessarily new faces, but without experienced volleyball players like Michal Kubik or Fabian Drzja, it will still be able to reach the top. The Poles have proven something to themselves and others. They showed themselves to be world-class players – believes the coach, who won the gold medal at the 2018 World Cup with Polish volleyball players.

During the World Cup, the Poles did not just fight their opponents. “Your head is buzzing”

“Maybe everyone was hoping for gold. And I think there’s a chance to get it.”

– The whole team deserves great appreciation, because the team is also the whole crew. I doubt the players may be unhappy with this season. After all, it was amazing to many of them. In the national team they again won two medals, and still achieved club successes. Of course, everyone was probably hoping for gold. And I think there was a chance to get it, and now you probably have to start thinking about why it failed. But even now I am far from judging and indicating why, he admits Vital Heinen.

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The Italian national team beat Poland and won the World Championship in SpodekHe replaced Drzyzga and led Poland to the silver medal. Now it’s hard for me to talk about it.

Heinen points out what could complete the history of Polish volleyball success. “We all know”

What did Belgium enjoy the most during this tournament? It’s nice to see some players improve. even if Olek ¦liwkawho took another step in the right direction, or Bartik Couric, who became the leader and real leader of the team – evaluates the current coach of German volleyball players.

Poland never lost.  This silver can do more than gold did 2014Poland never lost. This silver can do more than gold did 2014

– I saw a lot of beautiful things that happened around this band. The evolution of this band seems to be a positive for me, I just love the direction chosen. And now? I think we all know this story can only end with an Olympic medal. Only then will it be completed. But this day is only part of what we have to see. Poland is once again a leading team in the world volleyball And this is the most important of all, Heinen concludes.

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