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Heinen: If something happens on the Poland line in a month’s time

Heinen: If something happens on the Poland line in a month's time

Heynen was still unhappy on Tuesday with the way the Poles were placed in the hotel in Cervia, where they would live during the tournament. The League of Nations. Players complained For room conditions – basically it is cramped and the beds are relatively small. The Iranian Federation said that The Polish coach, as well as the Iranian coach, Vladimir Elkno, protested the International Volleyball Federation.

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Polish volleyball players showed conditions in hotel rooms during the League of Nations

“A lot has changed for the better” Heineen is satisfied with the conditions in Italy, although he does not like everything

After a day of confusion, the Belgian explained the situation of the Polish volleyball players in Italy. On Tuesday, a lot has changed for the better. We were allowed to go outside to the beach all day. Moreover, we obtained permission to build our own outdoor gym, and we did that too – Heinen noted in an interview with TVP Sport.

It was also reported on Tuesday that aside from poor room conditions, the problem is that the entire hotel does not have full floors and staircases available for individual teams. – That’s what was done all over the hotel. The teams are confused. I do not like it. We did not agree to the previously presented terms, so now the reality is different. Worse still, you had to put two teams together with a special history and more or less problems in the past. It was not a wise choice. FIVB promised to find a solution. He is scheduled to hand them over on Wednesday. There was nothing to do but I think I could come up with something – he explained Heineen.

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When it comes to the bubble, the difference between rules and reality is huge. The only questions that arise are what happens if an infection does occur. All teams are very close to each other. (…) I have doubts whether the bubble is working or not, but this is not a problem for me, because the most important thing is for the players to feel satisfied. He said everything is fine.

Jelena Blagojević before the match with Poland: You are lucky to have such volleyball players

Heinen explains the protest to FIVB: they have created a situation in which I can expect something to go wrong

It turns out that Columns The fact that FIVB chose Iran for its company is not the answer. or StaffWith Poland it has many unpleasant stories and conflicts from matches in the past. My protest on Tuesday was rather an objection. When we arrived we were told we had an entire floor. So we started installing everything we needed. Suddenly, after four hours, Iran turned up and took rooms that were previously vacant. Of course, I turned to FIVB and I was … a little expressive, but I had to express my concerns. If something happens between Poland and Iran in the next month, it will be FIVB’s fault. They created a situation where I can expect something to go wrong – Vital Heynen comments for TVP Sport.

Jacek Nawrocki, the selector of the Polish national volleyball team“Six years in the making? We have to finally win something.” Małgorzata Glinka for volleyball team goals

How will the Poles play in the League of Nations? Heinen revealed the plan for the first and last meeting

The Poles coach also explained how he intends to manage the crew during League of Nations meetings. In the first nine matches, he had to change the team a lot, then gradually enter it Toys In the largest time dimension for players who travel to it Such as. – I can only reveal that the methodology of the game will change. For example, in the last six matches, Mikhai Kubik will play the most. why? Because we’re going to start the final preparations for the games – The coach explained.

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The Polish volleyball team sparred with Bulgaria in LodzThe League of Nations. Poland – Serbia. Where and when do you watch the match? [TRANSMISJA]

The Poles will play their first game on Friday, May 28 at 19:30 against Italy. Polish volleyball players have already started competing in Rimini, beating the Italian women 3-2 on Tuesday, On Wednesday at 16:00, they will play against the Serbs. Live coverage of the Nations League matches on the website.

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