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Heinen is not a stupid man. Kochanowski explains the failure and the coach’s words

Heinen is not a stupid man.  Kochanowski explains the failure and the coach's words

It was a horror movie. No happy ending. Twice in the last set, our defeat was delayed by a challenge at the behest of Vital Heynen. But in the end, the Slovenes proved their superiority. Using the tenth match ball (!).

– I don’t remember another emotional meeting like that. Possibly the 2018 World Cup semi-finals [chodzi o mecz w Turynie, który wygraliśmy z USA 3:2] – He says Jacob Kochanowski. He finished against the Slovenes all six attacks, added four points and 2 aces.

It’s hard to blame Kochanovsky. Anyway, it’s hard to get for any of our players. Because despite many lacking in pure volleyball form, everyone fought superbly.

It is inexplicable what the Poles did in the semi-finals of the European Championship. How could it be?

“It’s like saying we have the curse of Brazil.”

– We have a lot of mood, we are brave. Thanks to the fight Michai Kubik Under the net we pushed the Slovenes away by the score and were in the lead for most of the fourth set – says Kochanowski.

Unfortunately, we missed out on the feature. It was 17:13 for us, but the Slovenes made a nervous ending and withstood it better. why?

– In general, we played a game a little weaker on serve. I will not say weak, but the Slovenes were a little better and were more fortunate – explains Kochanovsky.

The mediator does not agree that there is a so-called curse of Slovenia. Many fans comment on the events in this way. We all remember that we lost important matches with Slovenia in the 2015 European Championship (quarter-finals), the 2017 European Championship (the quarter-final match) and the 2019 European Championship (semi-finals). Now there was another defeat.

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Slovenia It is a great team. There is no curse. It’s just a big coincidence that we play with them so often. And that we lose? It’s like saying we have the curse of Brazil. These are teams at the highest level. We won the last semi-final with the Slovenes, in Rimini, in league Nations [3:0]. Now we’re lost and it’s hard to say what it will be like calendar Our next match – says Kochanovsky.

Angry Michal Kubiak, Poland - Slovenia, European volleyball players, volleyballThe Polish superhero came out, and Kubiak didn’t just play volleyball [OCENY]

There was no provocation, there was a misunderstanding

Our player also argue that those who claim that this is wrong Vital Heinen Slovenian provocation before the match. They were offended by our coach’s statement a few days ago. On Tuesday, after a confirmed quarter-final win over Russia, Heinen said he didn’t know who we would play against in the semi-finals. The Slovenes felt neglected.

– I think they got it wrong. In my opinion, Vital means that he does not know who will be the winner of the quarter-final match Slovenia – Czech Republic [odbył się dzień po naszym meczu z Rosją]Not because he has no idea what kind of ladder we have and who we can hit. Vital is not a stupid guy and he knew very well that we would probably play with the Slovenes, but it is difficult to predict the outcome of volleyball at the highest level, so he said conservatively that he did not know who would win that quarter. -End – explains Kochanovsky.

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Poland - Slovenia in the semi-finals of the European Volleyball ChampionshipSlovenia wasted after the match with Poland. “scandal and provocation”

“They didn’t do it to spite us.”

The center is looking elsewhere for the reasons for the defeat against Slovenia. The fact that we’re tired of the season could have had a hidden meaning. But it’s hard for me to say if the Slovenians kept their strength throughout the match. We actually weakened a little bit in the third and fourth groups — he says.

On the other hand, the divorced Kochanovsky does not blame the judges for the defeat. Talk about their work big Bartosh CorkSaying he didn’t want to talk about it because he didn’t want to pay a fine.

– In the end, we were bothered by long video checks. The moment we struggle for life, we calm down games By judges hurt us. Because it is difficult to do anything to keep the temperature and emotions at the highest level. But they did not do this to us. Something went wrong – I don’t know if it was the human element or the cameras. In any case, one of the factors of misfortune that accompanied us – explains Kochanovsky.

– Of course I’m very sorry. IM angry. Only negative feelings accompany me at this point. But I know we played a very even game and the details were crucial. Even in my opinion, a little luck was crucial. Of course, it was one of my dreams to play in the final. But this is life, you have to accept the fact that we can only take bronze from this tournament – sums up Kochanowski.

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Strong game – #StrojeZaAsy in the European Volleyball Championship

The editors of fund match kits for young players for every service that Polish volleyball players provide at the European Championship. So far the Poles have scored 58 points through their play, which means 174 outfits are funded!

We will count the following stars online and on outdoor advertising at the Cepelia building in Warsaw and the main railway station in Katowice – the unofficial Polish capital of volleyball, where the final stage of the entire event will take place. Work details hereAnd the rules of the competition in which we draw costumes, Here.

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