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Hemangioma on the labia – causes and methods of treatment – Zdrowie Wprost

Hemangioma on the labia - causes and methods of treatment - Zdrowie Wprost

In most cases, benign hemangiomas are diagnosed, which do not pose a threat to health. However, it is an aesthetic problem and its removal is often recommended. For this purpose, for example, surgical treatment is used. Vascular changes are also malignant – in this case we are dealing with tumors that can develop at any stage of life on the skin and internal organs, such as the liver. Hemangiomas always require a medical consultation!

Most hemangiomas appear on the skin in childhood, and they are the most common type of cancer in children. If children are born with a lesion in the blood vessels, it is a venous malformation and not a hemangioma. Hemangiomas in infants are one of the most frequently detected malformations, which do not usually cause many health problems. Depending on the type and location of the hemangioma, this lesion can cause pain and other discomfort. Just less than 10 percent. One of the diagnosed hemangiomas is a serious medical problem that requires, for example, specialist treatment. Most hemangiomas are benign, because they are most often diagnosed in children, they gradually disappear. This is one of the hallmarks of hemangiomas.

Hemangioma – what is it?

Hemangiomas arise as a result of pathological changes in the blood vessels that lead to their widening. In the case of hemangiomas, there are several characteristics that distinguish them, for example, Vascular malformations. Each type of hemangioma has a specific clinical picture, but a common feature in this case is, among other things, a rapid enlargement of the lesion in the first year of the child’s life, followed by a gradual disappearance. In the case of vascular malformations, the lesion grows slowly and does not disappear. Red skin lesions indicating vascular origin should be diagnosed by a specialist.

Most hemangiomas are more common on the skin of girls and women. While they usually develop early in life, they can also form on the skin, mucous membranes or inside the body later, as a result of hormonal changes for example. Due to the precancerous nature of hemangiomas, even benign hemangiomas require appropriate management that takes into account, among other things, their constant observation.

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Hemangiomas arise from different blood vessels. It can be located just under the skin or much deeper, reaching its next layers. Some hemangiomas can lead to various health complications, so it is very important to make the diagnosis early and implement the possible treatment.

Angiomas – types of vascular changes

We divide hemangiomas, among others, by the nature of the changes. The vast majority of hemangiomas are benign. This group includes, among others:

These hyperplastic vascular changes should not be of particular concern, especially when they are small in size and appearance does not change. An unusual type of hemangioma is sapphire hemangioma, which appears more often in adults. These red spots on the skin are associated, among other things, with the body’s natural aging processes. Cavernous hemangiomas are among the largest of the hemangiomas, which often cause pain and require removal. Hemangiomas can vary in size, but they usually do not exceed several centimeters. Giant hemangiomas are relatively rare and their symptoms may hinder normal development and functioning.

It happens that hemangiomas form in a rather problematic area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe mouth, eyes and vulva, which may require specialized treatment. If left unattended, it leads, inter alia, to: poor eyesight and other health problems. Hemangiomas near the natural openings of the body, such as the entrance to the vagina, can become infected, therefore, in the case of large lesions, it is recommended to choose an appropriate method for their removal.

In most cases, small, flat hemangiomas are diagnosed. It has a very distinctive appearance. A superficial hemangioma is a very limited light pink spot that gradually turns darker in color over time.

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Malignant hemangiomas that are classified as serious neoplastic diseases include:

  • angiosarcoma,
  • malignant lymphoma,
  • Kaposi’s sarcoma.

Such changes pose a serious threat to health and life, so you should consult a doctor in case of any abnormalities of the skin.

Why do hemangiomas form?

Hemangioma can arise for many reasons, but still not all causes are fully understood. It is often associated with a harmless genetic mutation, but some hemangiomas may indicate more serious diseases, such as congenital syndromes. Common causes of hemangiomas also include hormonal disorders in the course of various diseases, such as the thyroid gland, disturbances in the work of internal organs and other abnormalities that appear during fetal development, during childbirth and later in life. It is not known why hemangiomas are more common in girls and adult women. The vulva is a female-only hemangioma. It is located mainly on the labia.

Hemangiomas on the labia – when do they appear and how to deal with them?

Hemangiomas on the labia usually appear in the first weeks of a girl’s life. Their symptoms are initially a pink, non-convex spot that begins to grow over time. In the case of infants, detection of the lesion is very rapid, because early in life, children often visit a doctor who carefully examines their health. Although hemangioma on the labia appears very early, it can also develop in an adolescent or an adult woman. Depending on the type of pest, it has a different appearance.

Importance! Any unusual change that occurs in the body should be checked by a doctor! In the case of vulvar hemangiomas in children, observation of children is usually only recommended, but there may be times when rapid growth of the hemangioma becomes a serious problem.

In the case of infants and girls, the hemangioma in the labia region is exposed to irritating factors, which may contribute to the formation of inflammation inside it. Hematoma infection leads, among other things, to the formation of wounds and ulcers that are difficult to heal. Treatment in this case is sometimes difficult due to the age of the girl and the location of the hemangioma hidden under the diaper most of the time.

The hemangioma in the labia region grows rapidly in the first year of life, which can cause additional problems, for example during hygiene activities. Similar problems occur in the case of hemangiomas in adult women, which is why vascular changes on the labia are usually an indication for a procedure that allows them to be safely removed. Lack of treatment can lead to serious complications, not only health, but also emotional, because the hemangioma on the vulva can make intercourse difficult or impossible in adulthood.

Methods of treating vulval hemangiomas

Benign hemangiomas do not require complex treatment. Currently, not only surgery, but also aesthetic medicine allows its effective removal. If it does not go away until you reach sexual maturity or appear in adulthood, treatment is highly recommended due to pain and low self-esteem in women with this problem.

Currently, laser therapy is most often used in the treatment of hemangiomas, but the choice of treatment method depends, among other things, on the type and size of the vascular lesion. The procedure should be selected according to individual needs. Laser treatment is not a heavy burden on the body and is very effective. With the help of a laser you can remove, among other things, flat hemangiomas of various sizes. Most importantly, there are no visible scars after treatment, and the healing process is very fast.

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