September 23, 2021

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Henry's tropical storm hit the United States.  Flooded streets, canceled flights, people without electricity

Henry’s tropical storm hit the United States. Flooded streets, canceled flights, people without electricity

Henry tropical storm hits northeastern United States. The element, previously classified as a Type 1 hurricane, weakened before reaching land. From New Jersey to Maine, 100,000 customers were without electricity on Sunday. Hundreds of flights were canceled at New York airport. Heavy rain poured down the streets.

Hurricane Henry weakened to a tropical storm before it made landfall. It struck Sunday evening, according to Polish time, near the town of Westerly on Rhode Island. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) said the wind speed at that time was 95 kilometers per hour.

Underwater streets, planes canceled, people without electricity

Heavy rains have paralyzed train services to Long Island and southern New England (collectively referred to as Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut).

Hundreds of flights were canceled at New York City airports on Sunday. Roads in New York and New Jersey were flooded. “Newark firefighters and police rescued 86 people, including 16 children, as several vehicles were flooded,” New York Daily quoted the Newark Department of Public Safety as saying.

“On Sunday in the Maine area of ​​New Jersey, 140,000 utility customers were without electricity,” the New York Times reported.

Flooded Streets in New York (PAP / EPA / JUSTIN LANE)PAP / EPA / JUSTIN LANE

Adventure rain in Central Park

On Saturday evening, just before the elements arrived, a violent storm marking the hurricane blocked the “We Want New York: The Homecoming Concert” concert in New York’s Central Park, signaling that New York’s return to normalcy.

According to NWS meteorologist Josh Weiss, an hourly record of total rainfall for the day was set for Central Park, with more than 49 liters of water per square meter and daily – 113 l / sq m.

Until now, the power of this element to classify it as a tropical depression has weakened, but it has not ended the heavy rains in the Northeastern United States. The National Weather Service (NWS) meteorologist Brian Hurley warned that “there is a risk of flash floods.”

Henry Tropical Depression Planned Path (NHC / NOAA)NHC / NOAA

Author: ps / Source: PAP, Reuters

Key Photo Source: PAP / EPA / JUSTIN LANE

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