October 21, 2021

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Apple zawarł "wielomilionową" ugodę z 21-letnią studentką z amerykańskiego Oregonu, która w 2016 r. wysłała do naprawy swojego iPhone

Her nude photos leaked after her iPhone was fixed. Apple will pay the millionth student in compensation

Apple has reached a “millions of dollars” settlement with a 21-year-old student from Oregon, US, who sent her iPhone for repair in 2016. Phone technicians posted nude photos of a woman on the Internet. The British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, reported the case.

Apple employees took care of the woman’s broken phone Pegatron. During the repair, two technicians posted 10 photos of a nude woman and a video of a sexual nature on her personal Facebook page, which appeared to have been posted there by herself, according to documents received by the newspaper. The material was removed by an American woman alerted by her friends.

Victim’s lawyers threatened to bow Lawsuit for breach of privacy and mental traumaHe also warned that the trial would have “negative media overtones,” according to reports by the Daily Telegraph. The settlement contains a confidentiality clause and forbids the woman to talk about the details of the case and to disclose the amount of compensation. It is known that the woman asked for $ 5 million.

The case emerged in a lawsuit between Pegatron, which refunded Apple the amount of compensation it had paid the woman, and his insurance companies, which did not want to cover the expenses.

Apple confirmed to the newspaper that the incident it described had occurred. We take our customers’ privacy and security very seriously. (…]When we discover this egregious breach of our procedures by one of our sellers, we immediately take action (…) A company spokesman told the Daily Telegraph. She added that Pegatron employees responsible for privacy violations have been dismissed, and that Apple is constantly working to improve the procedures that companies collaborating with it must follow.

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the creator Iphone He often asserts that controlling a company’s equipment service helps protect the privacy of customers and lobbyists against a law that would facilitate equipment repair. idiots Services unrelated to the company – recalls the British daily newspaper.

Apple will increase user privacy safeguards. facebook angry