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Here’s a picture showing why you should avoid pre-ordering

Here's a picture showing why you should avoid pre-ordering

There is talk of not buying games in pre-orders on a regular basis. However, the mediocre quality of the production itself usually appears in the background, and it is not a problem in the form of its distribution. while.

year 2021; Ultra-fast flash memory, optical fiber links and broadband digital distribution. which year Electronic game license sales have exceeded 85% of the entire marketThe presence of an optical drive can be compared to high-gloss furniture. Then, unexpectedly, Square Enix comes in all-white.

Life is Strange: True Colors is the latest installment in the episodic adventure series under the banner of DONTNOD Games. It’s also the latest version of Square, which was released from the starting blocks on September 9 this year, and it turns out to be an interesting relic from a bygone era. It is the game that In the PC version it will not start without a driver. No, that’s it – and if you have a problem with it, the official FAQ will send you to a … a friend for help.

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The activation code in the box is for the weak

What is going on? – You ask. Well, someone for a reason known only to himself said that putting the activation code in the game box next to the disc is very obvious and should be changed. Selling a title without DRM? forget – The nameplate and the symbol are there, but their use is above the driving school. Speaking of the point, the DVD has an applet that, by accepting a string placed in a box, generates only the correct key.

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Here's a picture showing why you should avoid pre-ordering

This means that if you don’t have the ability to read data from disk – and you probably can’t, because most new desktop and laptop computers no longer have the proper readers – then in Life is Strange: You Won’t Play True Colors. Unless you buy the digital version right away and you are in trouble. Or you have someone close to you who will help you with a drive, as suggested by the publisher in response to the email sent, or rather in the FAQ, which he refers to via this email.

Shops? Unfortunately, they don’t know what to sell

One of the readers – Marcin – reported this story to the editorial office. As he adds, it is particularly remarkable that neither the publisher nor the sellers Reluctance to report potential difficulties. A note about the need for a DVD drive is on the case, but not in the online stores where most purchases are made nowadays.

Here's a picture showing why you should avoid pre-ordering

She was not at, where Marcin is doing his shopping. we checked It is also not available in other popular stores, whether it’s typical games like or cross-sectional games like RTV Euro AGD. In the latter, even the record with the activation code in the box is leaked. Perhaps because a standard form is used, but the customer does not need to know.

The seller will return you to the distributor, he will kindly apologize to you and it is done. The shelf remains only as an ornament instead of the long-awaited production.

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