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Here’s Kynlee Heiman, a 5-year-old LITTLE MISS called “Beauty Queen”. She showed how she looks without makeup … (photo)

Here's Kynlee Heiman, a 5-year-old LITTLE MISS called "Beauty Queen".  She showed how she looks without makeup ... (photo)

In the past few years, more and more has been said about how early start in the world of show business has a detrimental effect on children. This of course also applies beauty contests And although experts assure that such “pleasure” can affect their adult life, there are still many people willing to participate in similar projects. She complained about growing up in the spotlight, among other things, from She turns 16 today, Hani Bo Boo.

There are, of course, a lot of examples that show that participating in beauty contests at a very young age is not indifferent to the psyche of a child. However, not everyone regrets that they devoted their childhood to the show in makeup on stage. Isabella Barrett For example, she admitted that in return she gained the “wonderful life of a star”, and At the age of six, she was already a millionaire.

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He’s not complaining about his fate, at least for the time being Kenley Hyman, a 5-year-old young beauty queen from USA, who has already won many titles and awards. As reported by the media, The girl has been on the stage since she was 3 years oldHence nearly half-life. Her mother is keen to “emphasize” her daughter’s strengths, and Kynlee herself appears to be pleased with her appearance in stage makeup.


Admittedly, Kynlee in the photos doesn’t look like herself from the pageants. However, it is worth noting that the idea of ​​​​publishing the above-mentioned frames from her daughter’s vacation belongs to her parents, who allegedly completely control the child’s Instagram account. The same is true of her career, which – at least until a certain age – will be controlled by close girls.

See what a 5-year-old “little lady” looks like without makeup. Amazing difference?

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