September 21, 2021

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Hi leg.  Brodnica is broken.  "Lil Masti" reigns supreme in the battles of freaks

Hi leg. Brodnica is broken. “Lil Masti” reigns supreme in the battles of freaks

After being expelled from Fame MMA, Aniela “Lil Masti” Bogusz returns to the world of bizarre fighting in style. Influencerka, formerly known as “Sexmasterka”, defeated Ewa Prudnica by TKO.

Bartomeg Bukowski

Anella Lil Masti Bogoch

PRESS MATERIAL / Pictured: Anila Lille Masti Bogoch

In the confrontation between Aniela “Lil Masti” Bogusz and Ewa Brodnicka it was very difficult to get the favorite.

Because even though Brodnicka was the world champion in boxing, she fought the duel in the MMA format. On the ground floor, Bogoch, who has years of wrestling training behind her, is much stronger. For Brodnicka, the necessity of fighting on the ground was something entirely new.

It appeared in the figure eight. At first, as long as the battle was in a standing position, Brodnicka seemed very solid. However, when Bogusz managed to overthrow her opponent, she was completely helpless.

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Lil Masti was seething with rage, showering her opponent with crazy blows. However, in this rage, few hit the face of the most popular “Cleo”. But in the end, the first round ended with a decisive victory for Bogoch, and the more Prodnica was punished with the deductible point.

The second round was more favored by the nicknamed boxer. Brodnicka skillfully avoided getting into Bogusz’s legs, and kept the entire round standing. However, it didn’t follow that much, because the Lil Mastie had managed to avoid the strongest blows.

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What succeeded in the second failed in the third. Prodnica let her down to the ground floor very quickly and this time did not let go. Bogusz, hitting more accurately, repeatedly hitting the opponent’s face, won by technical knockout. The judge had no doubts about stopping the fight.

Interestingly, after the fight, none of the ladies gave an interview. This was the only stand in the entire ceremony.

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