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Highway: excitement in Grudziądz! Fallopase closer to retention in PGE Ekstraliga

Highway: excitement in Grudziądz!  Fallopase closer to retention in PGE Ekstraliga

This match can be called a match for 6 million PLN, because this is what the teams participating in the PGE Ekstraliga will receive next season under the contract with television. It is a pity that the rain, which blew up Grudziądz the day before the match, made it impossible to prepare the surface for combat. It was the most in first gear.

In the opening round, the show was presented by Paweł Miesic, famous for his amazing actions from a distance. On the second turn of the first lap, the GKM representative Grudziądz outscored both Falubaz riders and raced with Przemysław Pawlicki for a double win in the race. As it turned out later – the opening run was the most interesting of the evening. On the difficult track, it was like medicine, and the order at the finish line was mainly determined by the start. This situation was the result of rain yesterday. Thus, the regulators were not able to prepare the surface as expected.

Despite the uninteresting scene and the few passes on the track, the battle for the match win was fierce, and there was a huge nerve in the air. Halfway through it was 25:17 for GKM Grudziądz and no one expected the guests to threaten the locals in this match. The Bacchus players breakthrough came in the eighth half. Then Matej Zagar won the start with the undisputed leader of GKM Grudziądz – Nicki Pedersen and brought the victory to the finish line. Third place in the finish was Max Frick, who gave Fallopaz the first race win. As it turned out – it was a positive motivation for the guests. Before the ninth race, Falubaz’s manager, Piotr yto, decided on a tactical reserve. Mateusz Tonder was replaced by Matej Zagar, who along with Piotr Protasiewicz brought 5 points to the finish line, reducing the loss to 2 points. In turn, in the tenth race, the pressure could not stand Pawe Miesiąc, who fell on the first curve and was disqualified from the re-race. The citizens of Zielona Góra took advantage of this fact, winning their third race in a row as a team, marking the full lead of GKM Grudziądz.

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– In qualifying 9-12 lies the key to victory, because the best home rider, Nikki Pedersen, will not run. You can then use tactical reserves and reduce point losses. Whenever guests come to conclusions and find the right motorcycle settings – said Thomas Golub in the match studio. The former singles world champion was right, because the residents of Zielona Góra were 6 points better in those races, and after the 12th race they were sure to get at least an extra point from Zielona Góra.

The people of Grudziądz were in huge trouble, because in the 7-12 races they had not won a single race. In the thirteenth race, Nikki Pedersen, who won individually, was equal to the task, but it was no consolation to the team from Grudziądz, because the score was 39:39 on the light board and it was the qualifiers that determined the victory. – Players do not think about the outcome at such a moment. They focus on which rut to choose, and how to prepare the rut for the start, Thomas Golub said in the match studio before the crucial races begin. However, the emotions were huge. After starting the 14th race, Przemysław Pawlicki founded Piotr Protasiewicz. Captain Fallopaz’s hook hit the rear wheel of the Fogo Unia Leszno, tearing the speaker from his steering wheel. – It’s not anyone’s fault. No one took his place and did not abuse his position. Such situations are repeated in the entire cast – Thomas Golub commented warmly. Before the last race, the pressure on both teams was enormous, and the main champions of the fight knew it. In the first part, on the 15th day, Niki Pedersen pushed Matej Zagar, after which the visiting player fell on the track. However, the judge demanded that the show be replayed with the entire cast. In this match, the three-time singles world champion was the best and awarded the Grudziądz players a tie – the most favorable tie for Fallopaz!

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The track is very noisy, so be careful with the motorbike, Piotr Protasiewicz said before the meeting. His words turned out to be prophetic, because the great collision occurred in second gear. Nile Toft hit Denis Zelensky at the top of the arc with all his might, sending the young men down the ring. Young GKM quickly got up and Tufft left the field on a stretcher in an ambulance. The effect was so great that Denis Zieliński’s bike flew over the rails. While in such cases we can talk about luck – Fabian Ragos won by repeat, saving the cross-country draw for Fallopaz. In the first installment, it seemed that the residents of Grudziądz would receive about 5 points. It was not the end of the unpleasant events in this match. In the fourth heat, on exit from the first curve, Fabian Ragus battled for third with Norbert Krakowiak. The riders got stuck on the motorcycles and fell off the track. According to the judge, the culprit was Fabian Ragos, who was disqualified from the re-race.

The surface itself was not perfect, as evidenced by the exit from the first curve. There were grooves that drag the players off the track. Patrick Doddick had the biggest problems in this place, having to fight several times to master the motorcycle. But that didn’t stop national leader Fallopaz from reaching the finish line with 13 points and a bonus. Also worth noting is the remarkable position of Matej Zagar – 14 points and 2 bonuses. The best among the GKM racers was traditionally Nikki Pedersen, winner of 14 points.

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[GKM:] Pawlicki 9 + 1 (3, 2, d, 1 *, 3); Lischbaum 0 (-, -, -, -); month 5 + 1 (2 *, 1, w, 2, 0); Pier 8 (1, 3, 2, 2, 0); Pedersen 14 (3, 3, 2, 3, 3); Zelensky 2 (1, 1, 0); Bartkowiak 3 (2, 0, 1); Krakowiak 4 + 1 (2, 1 *, 1, 0). [Trener:] Ślączka.

[FALUBAZ:] ink 0 (0, -, -. 0); Protasiewicz 10 (0, 2, 3, 3, 2); grits 4 + 2 (1, 0, 1, 1 *, 1 *); Zagar 14 + 2 (3, 2, 3, 2 *, 3, 1 *); dodec 13 + 1 (2, 1 *, 3, 3, 2, 2); Rajus 4 (3 s, 0, 1); taft 0 (w, -, ns); Pawliczak NS. [Trener:] Maize.

[Sędziował:] Sasic (Gdansk).

[Widzów:] 2000. [Najlepszy czas:] 65.81 pages (Nikki Pedersen, Sixth Gear).

[1. mecz:] 51:39 for Fallopase. [Bonus:] Falubaz Zielona Góra.

[Bieg po biegu:] 5:1, 3:3 (8:4), 4:2 (12:6), 3:3 (15:9), 4:2 (19:11), 3:3 (22:14), 3 :3 (25:17), 2:4 (27:21), 1:5 (28:26), 3:3 (30:30), 3:3 (33:33), 3:3 (36: 36), 3:3 (39:39), 3:3 (42:42), 3:3 (45:45).

  1. Pawelecki, Miss, Frick, Tonder 5:1.
  2. Ragus, Bartkowiak, Zieli,ski, Tufft (in) 3:3 (8:4).
  3. Pedersen, Dudek, Pierre, Protasevich 4:2 (12:6).
  4. Zagar, Krakowiak, Zieliński, Ragus (in) 3:3 (15:9).
  5. Pierre, Zaghar, Shahr, Frick 4: 2 (19:11).
  6. Pedersen, Protasevich, Dodek, Bartkowiak 3:3 (22:14).
  7. Dodik, Pauliecki, Krakowiak, Ragus 3:3 (25:17).
  8. Zagar, Pedersen; Frick, Zelinsky 2:4 (27:21).
  9. Protasiewicz, Zagar, Krakowiak, Pawlicki (d) 1:5 (28:26).
  10. Dudek, Pierre, Rajus, Shahr (w) 2: 4 (30:30).
  11. Zaghar, Pierre, Paulecki, Tonder 3:3 (33:33).
  12. Protasiewicz, Miesięcz, Bartkowiak, Tufft ns 3: 3 (36:36).
  13. Pedersen, Dudek, Frick, Krakowiak 3:3 (39:39).
  14. Pawlicki, Protasiewicz, Fricke, Month 3: 3 (42:42).
  15. Pedersen, Dudek, Zagar, Pierre 3:3 (45:45).

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