September 23, 2021

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Highway: Mateusz Japonski had a terrible accident while training Abator

Highway: Mateusz Japonski had a terrible accident while training Abator

The accident looked awful, because in one lap Japonsky, who was driving in third, hit the rear wheel of his opponent and completely lost control of the motorcycle. Driving up to 120 km / h hit an inflatable rink. Even worse, after a moment the talented rider was hit by a motorcycle.

– It was a normal training, and Matthews has already attended our lessons several times. The accident looked really awful – says Abator’s coach, Tomasz Bagerski, who was present at the training.

The condition of the young rider is so bad that the police had to come to Motoarena to check if there was a breach of safety standards. – It was a routine check up after accidents like these guys. The policemen checked the sobriety of the staff, checked the condition of the inflatable bands, etc. The police did not find any irregularities. This, however, goes into the background, because now Mateusz’s health is the most important – adds Bagirsky.

Currently, the player is staying at the district hospital in Toruń, and his health is now being taken care of by a group of doctors who are fighting to stabilize his condition.

Mateusz Jabunski is the son of famous highway racer Mirosław Jabunski. Recently, the 15-year-old was hailed as one of the most talented players of the younger generation. He is second to none among his peers, and the most successful clubs questioned the possibility of hiring him.

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