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Highway tariffs for passenger cars. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki denies this

Highway tariffs for passenger cars.  Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki denies this

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Friday that the government would not impose any new tolls on motorways for passenger cars. The prime minister stressed that the reports about the fees were “another false news related to alleged government plans”.

“There is more fake news on the internet regarding alleged government plans. It’s worth checking out. Stop fake news. The government will not introduce any new highway tolls for passenger cars!” – The Prime Minister confirmed in a post on Facebook.

Truck toll repairs

then when European Commission Polish accepted on Wednesday National Reconstruction PlanMinister of Development and Technology Waldemar Boda admitted Thursday at a meeting with journalists that “the reform under the Kosovo Protection Act on highway tolls already exists, but it applies to vehicles with a higher load capacity, that is, trucks, which is already in place today” – emphasized.

Boda added that the reform would expand the toll system to include other routes not covered by this system today. “We build several hundred kilometers of motorways every year, and they are not included in the system in parallel. The European Commission has questioned why there are so many motorways, and only some of them are included in the system. Only such expectations are from the European Commission in this regard. There are no Such plans are on our part. And on the part of the European Commission, to implement reform on passenger cars ”- emphasized the minister.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Infrastructure confirmed that there are no ongoing or planned works related to the inclusion of highway sections with tolls for light vehicles (including passenger cars and motorcycles).

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“The next expansion of the toll system is planned only for vehicles with a gross permissible weight greater than 3.5 tons and buses. Ultimately, the toll collection system for these vehicles should cover all highways and expressways that have been built and operated since the last expansion. The network that will be expanded Covered by the electronic tolls for these vehicles respectively to include new road sections. This will fulfill the commitments in the National Reconstruction Plan” – explained MI spokesperson Szymon Huptyś in the statement.

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