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Historian of Russia’s propaganda war: I feel what’s to come, what a great move Putin | News from the world

Historian of Russia's propaganda war: I feel what's to come, what a great move Putin |  News from the world

a. Nikolai Ivanov, a historian associated with the Institute of Political and Administrative Sciences of Opole University, spoke at polsat news About the discontent of Russian society and the attacks on Vladimir put it in. Opponents of war with Ukraine and nationalists who consider Putin “too soft” are said to be unhappy with the Kremlin’s decision. According to an expert president Russia has already lost this war spiritually.

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Ukraine helped. 1.3 million shipments, including the M777 howitzer, were shipped from Canada to Europe

The expert associates the mood of Russian citizens with the new version of the Russian propaganda war. – There is something new in the broadcast. They kept saying: “They want to destroy us,” – said the professor. Nikolai Ivanov.

I am absolutely convinced that something will be prepared in connection with this new campaign, a new wave of propaganda war. This is how I feel that something is afoot, great move by Putin, God forbid this was the use of some new weapon. I don’t want to talk about the use of the most terrible nuclear weapons, lest I be right

The professor said on the air.

If we pursue the politics of hate, we will end up very badly for us, because in the wave of hatred Putin, who is engaged in this war quite unexpectedly and completely illogical, may come up with something. It is not known what this step will be

The expert argued.

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On Wednesday, we were informed of Vladimir Putin’s decision, which he ordered forces Capture of Luhansk region by June 1, Donetsk region by July 1. These are unofficial results of Ukrainian TV Channel 24. The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, in his last speech admitted that the situation in Donbass is currently very difficult:

“To death and life with the whole world”

The historian believes that the message that the Kremlin sends to the Russians is clear and boils down to the fact that “we are fighting to the death with the whole world.” And propaganda activity will increase as part of the sixth package of sanctions approved this week and the imposition of an embargo on Russian oil.

It was initially agreed that restrictions would apply to oil imported by tankers, while oil pipelines would be excluded from the embargo. In addition, Poland and Germany will abandon Russian oil supplies through the Druzhba pipeline. This will effectively reduce about 90 percent of Russian oil imports into the European Union by the end of the year.

The sixth package of sanctions against Moscow includes “very striking measures”: the exclusion of Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia, from the SWIFT system, a ban on broadcasting of three other Russian state broadcasters (Rossija 24, Rossija RTR and TV Centr International) and personal sanctions against officials about war crimes.

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Finally, Alina Kabaeva, the mother of the sons of Vladimir Putin and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Cyril, who – as stated in the explanatory note – is an important supporter of the Russian attack on Ukraine and presents it as a war against evil, as it is included in the list of sanctions.

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“The second Russia”

a. Nikolai Ivanov estimated that the group of those who do not accept the Kremlin’s message includes thousands of people in Russia.

– If the official data showed that 70 percent. Russians support Putin, so the proportion among young people under the age of 30 will be only 18 percent. And the future of this country lies precisely in these people, in the Russian youth – said the professor. Nikolai Ivanov.

– There is also a rebellious “Other Russia”. There are attacks on war treasuries and recruitment points armyThere are people protesting. However, today, during the war, it is very difficult to protest – the professor added. Ivanov. “Navalny’s supporters are under arrest,” he noted.

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