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Honor is gaining momentum – smartphones with SD 778G

Honor is gaining momentum - smartphones with SD 778G

For some time it seemed that the hack after the elimination of the Chinese smartphone Huawei Huawei would be impossible to correct. However, it appears that the Chinese billionaire has raised another great player on his back, which still means little at the moment, but may soon determine the strength of this market. We are talking about Honor, who has just entered into a strategic partnership.

Cutting the Huawei umbilical cord in Honor’s case is quite tedious – although the sale of the latest brand has occurred some time ago, the combination of dependencies, technological connections and popular marketing assumptions have made preparations for the conquest of the smartphone market much slower than until recently spent.

However, there are many indications that we are seeing the start of the project, which is what many expected – while Huawei ran aground and unlikely to be able to fight for the top mobile sales lists in the coming years, The honor is slowly gaining momentum And try to be an important participant in the changes in the smartphone market.

Honor moves beyond China – and it does so promising

Honor playing 5 / fot. Producer

The best confirmation that Honor’s ambitions are not just reaching China, but the global market as well Signing a contract with Qualcomm, According to which the Snapdragon 778G will first move to the company’s new smartphone, that is Honor 50. Most importantly, this equipment will also finally be available outside the Middle Kingdom, which has been an unprecedented state in recent months – it was the last equipment to appear in Europe after all. Honor 20, Released in 2019.

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Fans of this brand will also be pleased that the conclusion of an agreement with Qualcomm is an unambiguous confirmation that the company has broken up with the demons of the past, and Cooperation with American companies is as open as possible. This appears to be the key to further conquering the market, because with full Qualcomm and Android processors it looks much easier.

What is the future of honor? Of course, a lot here depends on the profitability and capabilities of the new smartphones, but nevertheless, the company is again entering the global market in a completely different economic reality than it was a few years ago. At the time – when Huawei was already victorious and was developing in a very dynamic way – no one had heard of Oppo or Realme yet, and Xiaomi was a company that was only developing its strength, focusing more on the domestic market.

Coming back won’t be that easy

Honor playing 5

Honor playing 5 / fot. Honor

Today, Chinese concerns are already shaping the industry’s strength Breaking the following percentage points in the smartphone market will be more difficult than it was two or three years ago. This, of course, does not mean that it will be impossible – if Honor enters other countries with such a hit as Huawei did, in a twelve months or so it may become apparent that Honor will be very close to the Big Five.

It won’t be easy, but the competition is always good for everyone. And that the Chinese will try to return to the United States and show what they can do, that is practically certain.

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