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Honorary Conduct at the FAME MMA Gala. Norman Park smashed his opponent, but maintained a high score

Honorary Conduct at the FAME MMA Gala.  Norman Park smashed his opponent, but maintained a high score

Norman Park wins with Piotr Szeliga! An experienced competitor did not give the pole the slightest chance, but his behavior after the fight also deserves attention.

One of the main attractions of FAME MMA 14 was the confrontation between Piotr Szeliga and Norman Parke in a Roman cage. This duel was part of the evening’s series of clashes, despite the apparent disparity between the two opponents.

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In the first round, Norman Park moved quickly to prove his worth. The Irishman from the North did not give his opponent the slightest chance and after only twelve seconds sent him to the councils.

Zelega managed to get up, but his problems were at first. Park constantly beat his opponent, hits in the head. It seemed that the experienced player would kick the pole in the first round, but “Chile” saved him with a goalkeeper.

In the second round, Szeliga decided to put everything on one card. He moved his knees toward Parke, even managing to hit him hard, but his opponent used his experience again. The pole fell on the carpet, and the Irishman stood on his back, putting him in a winning position.

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Zelega did not have the strength to save himself in this difficult situation and the referee was forced to stop the fight. Park achieved a certain victory, not giving his opponent the slightest chance, but you can not refuse a class to him.

Immediately after the engagement, he approached the pole and thanked him for the joint fight. Also in an interview, he mentioned the attitude of Zelega which impressed him with his character and desire to fight.

Moreover, the Irishman from the North announced that he would donate 10,000 PLN for the treatment of his opponent’s coach on Saturday. Park’s behavior was met with a very positive response from the audience.

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