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Horizon Zero Dawn. Raróg (Volume 1) – Comedy review and opinion [Egmont]

Horizon Zero Dawn.  Raróg (Volume 1) - Comedy review and opinion [Egmont]

Horizon Zero Dawn was a huge success, which expanded very quickly: a board game rich in add-ons appeared on the market, and new players, thanks to the PC version, got acquainted with the adventure of Aloy, and at the same time the comics debuted. The stories collected by Anna Toll were created immediately after the announcement of Horizon Forbidden West, thanks to which readers can count mainly on the expansion of the advertisement, because the comic book “Horizon Zero Dawn”. Raróg” expands the trailer that we saw in June 2020 in a very interesting way. In the world created by Guerrilla Games, a new threat has emerged that literally everyone must confront.

However, Aloy is not the main character in Horizon Zero Dawn. Rarog”. We meet the hero of Horizon Zero Dawn when said girl sets out on a mission – the one we’ll be experiencing in Horizon Forbidden West at the beginning of 2022. Anne Toole focused on a completely different character – we’ve already seen Talanah Khane Padish during our PS4 adventure, and that’s what the events in Reviewed storyboard. Was it a good choice? Honestly, I would have counted more on Aloy, whom I became very close to during the first story, but Talanah didn’t disappoint – and faced a very difficult task.

The creator of the Horizon Zero Dawn story not only had to introduce new readers to Horizon, while at the same time encouraging players who had the opportunity to watch the production for the first time on PlayStation 4 on the events. Additional descriptions of the world, events that took place much earlier, heroines, tribes or machines, but in the end there were no more details prepared for recipients who already knew this world.

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The story of the movie “Horizon Zero Dawn”. Raróg focuses on the character Talanaha, who is searching for his mission and can’t find himself in the world after the excitement with Horizon Zero Dawn. However, the new emerging threat makes the girl forget her problems for a moment and focus on overcoming the existing threats. The author unnecessarily participated in an additional character in the whole plot, whose story somehow affects the whole story – the moments when the action focuses on the main character or machines are certainly more interesting. Anne Molina portrays Aloy’s opponents quite well, although in my opinion the adopted font looks great and effectively shows the IP atmosphere created by the Dutch studio. While reading the comics, I got the impression that the screenwriter wanted to include too many topics in one story, and in the end everyone was just “a little damned” … In addition, events dominate that not everyone should like, because they are the message Very cosmopolitan and this isn’t necessarily the kind of adventure you might expect from Horizon Zero Dawn. Rarog”.

The story isn’t lacking in the thread about Hunter’s Lodge, which has great potential for expansion in the next installments. The creator also did not forget about duels, which give dynamics of events and look really decent – players find scenes where the heroine uses well-known tactics to defeat her opponents. So that Anne Toole does not omit in the future (in later comics) additional events related to other hunter groups, and this information will be especially valuable when expanding knowledge about the universe created by Guerrilla Games – in “Horizon Zero Dawn. Raróg ”, there is a modest thread about it But it’s just an addition to the main meat.

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Horizon Zero Dawn.  Rarog (Volume 1) - Revision 2 - Aloy appears in the story

In Horizon Zero Dawn. Raróg “Love the little flavors that were already introduced in the first trailer for Horizon Forbidden West And we explain that in the future, thanks to the comic books and the following game, we will be able to plunge deeper into the post-apocalyptic world – we can already see the great Shell cat (a machine that hides underground and has plants on its back), moreover, Aloy rides one of the metal monsters.

The comic book somewhat heralds new events and is gearing up for the next Guerrilla Games, but I hope the following volumes will certainly focus more on the action and the main plot – this time the writer has taken the “side paths” a lot, pointing out the smallest stories, which probably won’t prove much important to Horizon Forbidden West. However, if you’re looking forward to the Dutch team’s next production, the first volume of the comics could decently prepare you for the next adventure…although I still hope the best is yet to come.

publisher: Egmont Poland
Scenario: Ann Tol
Graphics: Anne Molina
number of pages: 128
Formula: 167×255 mm
Link: soft with wings
cap price: 39.99 PLN

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