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horrifying. It is a breach of international law. Instructions for Russians – O2

horrifying.  It is a breach of international law.  Instructions for Russians - O2

A lot of controversy was due to the instructions that the “Rusicz” group posted on its Telegram channel. There we will find, among other things, an order to kill Ukrainian prisoners of war in violation of the Geneva Convention of 1949. It is a set of documents that define the rules for the treatment of persons involved in armed conflicts. It guarantees, among other things, a greater scope of protection for wounded and sick soldiers.

“Recycling Ukrainian POWs”. This is how the Russians violate the Geneva Convention

In accordance with the provisions of the Convention, a prisoner of war is a combatant who enjoys immunity under the international law of armed conflict. This is guaranteed by a number of rights.

Prisoners are subject to the authority of a foreign state, not to the authority of the individual or unit holding them. They should be treated humanely, held in camps far from the combat zone, and provided with food, places and clothing.

There have been indications for several months that Russia is improperly treating prisoners of war captured while fighting in Ukraine. This was especially about the so-called defenders of Azovstal, that is, the soldiers who spent many weeks defending the city of Mariupol in the south of the country. The instructions published by the “Rusicz” group are proof that the Russians do not heed the provisions of the Geneva Conventions.

Do not be afraid of killing prisoners! There will be no penalty for this – writes the group “Rusicz”.

Rosic – what is it? The group is made up of neo-Nazis

The Rosic group was established in 2009 as a training base for the army. Alexei Melchakov, a neo-Nazi from Saint Petersburg, is considered its founder. It is a closed unit that is difficult to access.

There is no shortage of speculation in Russia about Rossic’s association with Wagner Group, a private army of warriors financed by Yevgeny Prigozhin, the so-called chef Vladimir Putin. The “wagenrists” must be responsible for the many brutal murders in Ukraine.

See also: Polish soldier from Iraq: “The Russians cannot afford the cost of general mobilization”

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