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HORROR by Karolin Malinowska: “I’ve got a celebrity to try on a dirty and disgusting shirt”

HORROR by Karolin Malinowska: "I've got a celebrity to try on a dirty and disgusting shirt"

Although the reality of Instagram makes us think differently, the lives of Warsaw celebrities are not just about fashion sessions and shows by Paprocki and Brzozowski. I recently had a brutal clash with reality Karolina Malinovska, wife of Olivier JaniakWho went for a little shopping near Mokotowska Street in Warsaw, famous for its exclusive stores. Unfortunately, this experience permanently alienated the model. I got a sloppy blouse in a fancy store, which–yes, you guess correctly–scored some stories.

I was in one store today and I was shocked to give a customer a wrinkled and dirty shirt to try on…but you can. Beautiful photos on Insta are not everything, quality of service is also important. I must look very poor.. massacre. no. I will not write in it. But she is famous and from a famous person Carolina Thunder on Instagram.

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Who exactly could it mean? Unfortunately, we don’t know. After all, there are a lot of “celebrity” stores in this area. We have the drama mrs since then Małgorzata Rozenek and boutiques Jessica Mercedes And the My Bohocevic… However, Carolina ruthlessly did not say who he is.

It didn’t matter which boutique it was. What matters is that you come as a customer from the street, you want to try something, spend money there and You get a wrinkled, disgusting shirt to try on as if it had been taken out of the laundry basket. In my comment: “Crumpled a little” The lady says: “I can iron”. Carolina stated that she modifies her voice to reflect the miserable nature of the saleswoman. So I was afraid to order anything, and when I went to the fitting room, I flipped that shirt over, it was dirty. I didn’t even try it, after a while I left, I said, “Thanks.” This is a shock.

This isn’t a fancy, dramatic situation, only each of us is a consumer. Each of us chooses the goods and where to buy. In an industry like the garment industry and on such a street where there are super stores – I was here on a side street of this Where the competition is simply huge. I think it is worth respecting and just taking care of the customer. (…) I didn’t want to shop the pretty Instagram stores.

Carolina’s argument later continued in the form of a separate Instagram post. Apparently, plans to buy a dream shirt have been postponed indefinitely.

I really wanted to buy this shirt. in this boutique. But I wouldn’t try on something wrinkled and sloppy. I looked through the wardrobe. I can do without it.

These are the real problems? Well, what do you think: would any Mokotowska shop owner feel called to the board by a Carolina argument?

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In Malgonia? He might have tried Pysiula earlier and color it with a wig 🙂

I deviated from the topic with full respect… but I could never see the beauty of Mrs. Carolina 🤔 I don’t know, but there is something in that face… the eyes, the nose… some characters.. . nothing! I will never understand how people with such faces can be so casual. It’s not even about classic beauty, but about character, some features – whatever. Well, potatoes

Terrible thing, reported by the Prosecutor’s Office

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I wish everyone just such problems

She and Rafal’s current “girlfriend” Sepp are women who aren’t some kind of beauty.

Celebrity daily life problems

It’s definitely the dramatic Rosenkwu because in the summer I tried a dress there as well and it was stained and smelled of sweat. It’s generally unpleasant and not pleasant in there – I would advise against this store.

But she is right and this is not a horror, but a common thing in boutiques, and no one has the right to treat another person in this way, especially since the ladies who sell themselves do not have the money to buy in such a store

Of course it’s not a big drama, but I understand Caroline very well. I haven’t lived in Poland for over 20 years, I don’t wear Eastern European New Baggage, I don’t flaunt gold or expensive brands with a big logo, I hardly ever put on makeup, I have natural hair, lips, eyelashes.. I really spend a lot on like These stores, but I do not. However, yes, when I am in Poland I sometimes visit such places. And always, always, on a good day, I am appreciated by service and getting acquainted right away, which I can’t stand anyway. Just as Malinovska wrote: “I must have looked ‘too poor.’ If I don’t dress rich, and if I don’t show, then what’s more expensive, the service is hopeless. In the West, there is no such thing, there are people, who do not brag about money and can Every inconspicuous grandmother has to shop for several thousand. And no one judges a person by his humble appearance. Not to mention that every individual truly deserves a kind service, whether he or she can afford it or not.

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Why this irony? I don’t want to measure a dirty shirt either. No one for whom hygiene is important would prefer to do this.

Ah, and the wretched text that women do this to women… in fact. Perhaps, as part of solidarity, you should stop drawing yourselves in this way, dear ladies? Or at least try these clothes on more carefully? I’ve already omitted that some salespeople are mean, but many things have no bearing on them – they don’t wash or iron every single item. At the end of this chain is the business owner (often a man) who has to think about running the store. In some clothing brands, only clothes that can be tried on different sizes and colors hang “in the store”, but the customer gets the selected product from behind – clean. Of course, this does not apply to chain stores, but that is a different story.

Keio buys from these false stars and makes money for them.

Well, Carola, and how are your fellow celebrities, chief among them Lewandowska? Designers buy clothes for a few thousand regular chain stores Zara, h&m, Mango, etc. The honorable “divas” take pictures for their blogs or wear them for occasions, and after the weekend they go back to the store and buy a regular Kowalska….. Do you think they return them washed and ironed?!

To the guest – the matter is that Makinovskaya has neither beauty nor anything special. Anya Rubik has it! We read with understanding

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