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Horror receipts in Qatar? Here is the whole truth!

Horror receipts in Qatar?  Here is the whole truth!

Some time ago, a post published by “The Sun” caused a sensation in Qatar, where it was shown Modest salad bill – Up to 38 Qatari riyals (9 pounds). A clear message has been sent to the world – if you want to eat in Doha, you will spend a fortune.

Is also? We checked the prices in several restaurants near the media center in Doha. It’s not cheap there either. For example, a small chicken sandwich costs 33 reais, which is the equivalent of 41 PLN. If someone frequents expensive Warsaw restaurants – he will not be shocked by such a price. Although it would certainly be overrated in most places in our country.

The same goes for the other items on the menu. The vegetable salad costs 33 reais (41 PLN), and the Caesar salad with chicken costs 28 reais (35 PLN).

Horror receipts? Cheaper in the mall than in the World Cup areas

It will definitely be cheaper for us to eat in the malls. There, fans will find both local cuisine and well-known places from Europe – McDonald’s, KFC or Pizza Hut.. At the end of it, we will pay 50 reais for a large pizza and a drink, which is about 63 zlotys. It is slightly higher than the Polish equivalent.

In turn, at McDonald’s, you can pay 22 reais, which is 27 PLN, for 2 burgers and a drink. This price is very similar to polish.

Tea costs around 10 reais (about 12.5 PLN), while soft drinks like cola and fanta cost around 8 reais (10 zlotys).

From Doha, Wojciech Gorski, Intrea

Qatar We play in the morning. See where our envoys will be working in Qatar. video //Qatar We play in the morning//INTERIA.TV

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