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How anxiety affects your gut health and what to do about it

And New Yorker Cartoon shows a couple on the table. Someone is reading a scientific journal. The caption reads: “It turns out it wasn’t a giant asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. This tension around the giant asteroid killed the dinosaurs.”

While we cannot control all of life’s asteroid disasters, we can manage our responses to these stressors. Your body is made for Endure stressful and repetitive events No long term damage. The body’s natural calming mechanisms reset the nervous system after stress has passed. Practicing intentional behaviors that activate these natural calming mechanisms will strengthen your immunity.

You can think of the relationship between the brain and the gut as a conversation or a musical duo. As in a musical duo, sometimes one person sings, then the other, and then both sings together. Successful stress management requires coordinating the musical conversation between the brain and the gut:

From top to bottom (from brain to gut): Your thoughts and actions can reduce stress by activating positive coping strategies that reduce cortisol and other stressful messages.

From bottom to top (from the gut to the brain): Gut bacteria, inflammation, and other physiological responses affect brain chemistry, mood, and stress responses. Strengthening the diversity of the gut biome improves overall health and well-being.

It is best to use top-down and bottom-up treatments to reduce anxiety and stress and improve physical and mental health.

adopt from Frazzlebrain: Eliminate Anxiety, Anger, and Stress with Advanced Discoveries in Neuropsychology (c) 2022 by Gina Simmons Schneider. Published by Central Recovery Press. All rights reserved.

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