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How did science go to the forest?

Abramsey and the Flag from September 1939

I mean the idea of ​​writing a little article called “How Science Got into the Jungle”. A universal title because it applies to both our science and the institutional sciences in universities. I have written here more than once about Mrs. Carolina and about Doku or Groszek on the one hand and about Dr.

Well, because please look at what happens to the kids who have been pushed into the digital realm to create the “iGen” generation.

Please take a modified look at the barrier erected by the digital sphere. Relatively real communication by phone or in person was limited, hidden behind the requirements of email and digital accounts.

A few years ago, Polish sociologists complained that they had nothing to study. It would be funny to reduce the usefulness of social scientists to measures such as “rearranging open spaces” in companies. Meanwhile, no one in contemporary sociology (with the glorious but objectively limited exception of Piotr Sztompka) would stutter about the concept of social space. Because it is risky and knowledge of this kind is only for narrow and secretive environments that prefer not to spread such knowledge.

Well, these are quite abstract issues for s24 users; For most of them, the statement in one of my comments applies: You are as stupid as a shoe, even though there are at least some benefits from a shoe.

A fool like lupina or Groszka will say that these are the requirements of modernity. I will answer that this is the end of modernity.

The case of Coptic ignorance of the conflict between technology and social life reminds me of a man who, like Aldous Huxley and George Orwell, deserved to be called a modern prophet. I give my head that you have not heard of him, because from where. How does low-level intellectual gymnastics in the form of Groszka, doku know about him? In their school, they didn’t give them that. Gimbaz, by definition, can’t tell anything about such famous names as Huxley or Orwell. Besides, GA and GO describe problems smelling of mothballs, while JB Priestley touches on the essence of the Polish contemporary, although officially British. Over forty years ago, and yet still in the communist era, I read his hilarious and, what I didn’t know then, his prophetic novels Out of Town and London.

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It takes place in the environment of the Institute of Social Imagination, heralding the era of marketing image formation. And I was too young and too stupid to understand the prophetic value of this literary concept. If I had understood it then, I would be in a different place intellectually now.

And you, dear subscribers, must be reset as one man and undergo the procedure to restore your sanity. This certainly applies to representatives of Nowe Ruskie, who are one of the faces of MWzWM, like one of the latest s24 systems, ie Groszek, which is the embodiment of the genre.

Instead of reality, trinkets and toys were given to fools. So the effect should not be surprising. Because what are kids trying to take toys away from?

What is @Groszek’s idea of ​​reality? A set of used stereotypes.

Does he have any idea of ​​the social space? After all, social events, including political ones, occur not only in the physical space but also in the social space. And what will Mr. Groszek do with it? Even with actual space, Mr. Gruzek might have a problem, because I asked the forum how many legs a table would have in order for it to stand still. I bet the guy had no idea. And in the case of a social space that has its own structure, the guy has no idea what it is about and tries to comment. Give the farmer an hour…

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