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How do I darken my home in Google Street View? There is a way

When viewing images in Google Street View, you can sometimes find blurry buildings. Among these facilities is the house of the head of the PiS, Jaroslav Kaczynski. Google provides us with tools thanks to which everyone can obliterate their place of residence without big problems.

The Google Street View allows us to request a blurry image if we are concerned about it. For people, faces are automatically darkened. However, the situation is different in the case of buildings.

Google’s Auto takes panoramic photos of all the streets it has access to, including the real estate there. However, a photo of the house can sometimes be considered an invasion of privacy by the owner, especially when it comes to harassment from stalkers’ websites. What do we do if we want to blur such an image?

How do I darken my home in Google Street View?

If we want to darken a particular building, we have to find its address on Google Maps and then go to the mode Street view from Google. When the menu bar expands, select the “Report a problem” option. Next, simply select “My Home” in the “Send Image Blur Request” section. in formation We must provide a reason to report the image in question A reference to the building in question.

There can be several reasons, including a misplaced bookmark or poor image quality. In this way, we can not only advertise your house, but also The person in the photo or vehicle registration plates.

In the end, all you have to do is hit the “Submit” button. We will be notified of receipt of the order via the email address provided. After Google staff reviews your application We will receive a message about the decision that has been made. If it is not positive, we may be asked, for example, to describe the matter in more detail. Unfortunately, Google has not indicated how long the process of blurring the image may take.

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