June 19, 2021

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How do I live with my child? We invite you to meet with a psychiatrist

On June 1, on Children’s Day, ZET Radio invites parents to a webinar on acceptance, empathy and understanding in relationships with a child. It was organized as part of the social #Razemzawszelepiej campaign and will be led by psychologist Joanna Berendt. The online open meeting will begin at 18:30 and will be available on ZET Radio’s official Facebook profile.

Today, Radio ZET invites you to meet with Joanna Berendt, entitled How do I live with my child? Webinar on Acceptance, Empathy and Understanding.” After 6:30 pm we will talk about how to talk to children and see their feelings, what is a secure attachment style, where to start with another person, what is empathy in terms of NVC, and how to do “killers” Empathy works, how static language differs from dialogue language, how to show empathy, how to help a child return to normal life. The webinar will be available on Radio ZET’s Facebook profile. We warmly invite you!

You have to talk about emotions

The epidemic negatively affected the mental state of children. According to a “Children in a Pandemic” report prepared by the Difference on behalf of ZET Radio, one in four admit they are constantly or often angry, and one in five feels persistent/recurring depression, loneliness or sadness. It is alarming how many negative emotions they experienced during distance learning and how often it was a permanent condition for them. Parents also noticed a decline in the well-being of their children at that time. Negative emotional reactions were observed more frequently by up to 75% of them, and according to more than half (56%), their children’s mental health deteriorated.

Interestingly, nearly all of the caregivers reported that they had talked to their children about the prevailing epidemic and the emotions associated with it, although not all of them did so regularly. In these conversations, there were often fears, fears (about the health of relatives, the future, the financial situation) and frustration (about restrictions and limitations).

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Sometimes psychological support is needed

The Children in the Pandemic report showed something even more important. The use of child psychological support is still not very popular, but 12% of children have already benefited from it, and 20% of parents are considering such activities in the future. Up to 68% of parents do not intend to access this type of support…

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Photo: Togetherzawszelepiej . social campaign

Joanna Berendt is an ICF PCC Certified Psychologist and Coach, a CNVC Certified Nonviolence Communication Coach and NVC Mediator, and a Positive Neuroplasticity Coach according to Rick Hanson. In what you do, both professionally and privately, you dream of participating in creating a world of dialogue where trust, cooperation and mutual consideration are the foundations. He has co-authored several books for children and adults about empathy, including. “Giraffe friends. Fairy tales about sympathy”, “The alphabet of sympathy”, “Get in touch with the child”, “Coexist with others”. Co-create the non-commercial campaign #Watch a man. Secretly, a mother of two teens.