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How do you eat fruit? Watch out for some lists – Wprost’s Health

How do you eat fruit?  Watch out for some lists - Wprost's Health

Nutrition experts point out how you eat fruitIt has an effect on its digestion, absorption and absorption vitamins And the metal. It is believed that some food combinations can be synergistic, while others are antagonistic and can do more harm than good.

Fruit and caffeine

Fruit contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are responsible for thousands of biochemical reactions in our bodies. They also affect the way nutrients are metabolized. Recent studies indicate that tannins and caffeine The ones in tea and coffee disrupt the action of the microelements and antioxidants in the fruit and prevent their absorption. So never wash the fruit down with coffee or tea. Leave at least 30 minutes between eating the fruit and drinking these drinks.

Dried and fresh fruits

Nutritionists believe that dried fruits, such as dates, dried apricots and prunes, are healthy and nutritious, but they should not be combined with fresh fruit. They explain that dried fruit contains a large amount of condensed sugar, which, when combined with sugar from fresh fruit, can be quite a burden on the liver. They advise you to eat dried fruit when you need a boost of energy, and to enjoy fresh fruit at different times.

Check out what else you can’t combine with fresh fruit?

Milk fruit juice

Nutrition experts say milk fruit juice is not the best idea. The protein in milk and the acid in the fruit can interact and cause digestive discomfort. This combination can also interfere with the absorption of nutrients in both fruit and milk. However, if you choose such a mixture, it is recommended to choose very ripe fruits in the cocktail and add a little cardamom, fennel or nutmeg to it to improve digestion.

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cooked dishes
Nutritionists do not recommend combining cooked dishes with fruits. The body takes a long time to digest cooked dishes, so they recommend that the time between eating dinner and eating fruits should not be less than 45 minutes. They warn that combining fruit with cooked food causes it to ferment in the stomach, which can lead to gas.


Nutritionists advise against combining fruits and products known as superfoods, such as bread and moringa. These combinations can interfere with the absorption of nutrients.Read also:
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