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How do you examine the prostate? It can save your life – Zdrowie Wprost

How do you examine the prostate?  It can save your life - Zdrowie Wprost

September 15th is Prostate Day. As reminds us, prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among men in Poland:

  • It is discovered in about 15,000 men each year (expectations suggest that this number may soon rise to about 20,000);
  • About 5,000 die every year because of it. men.

The incidence of prostate cancer in Poland is increasing systematically. A similar phenomenon also occurs in other highly developed countries.

What is the prostate?

Prostate, prostate or prostate gland are different names for the same organ that is part of the male genitourinary system. Responsible for the production of semen. After the age of 30, the prostate gland begins to grow in most men. This disease is called benign prostatic hyperplasia and is manifested by difficulty urinating. However, it is not life-threatening – it does not infiltrate the surrounding tissues. But the prostate can also be attacked by malignant tumors, the second most common disease of the prostate gland. The older a man gets, the higher the risk of prostate cancer. More than half of cases are diagnosed in patients over 70 years of age.

What tests should be done to check the prostate?

A urologist can diagnose cancer even if it has no symptoms. The basic tests ordered by a urologist are:

  • Determination of the concentration of prostate-specific antigen, that is, a protein produced by prostate cancer cells, as well as by normal prostate gland tissue. A blood sample is taken for testing,
  • Rectal examination – makes it possible to assess the consistency of the prostate gland, but also to detect benign prostatic hyperplasia or other pathologies (not necessarily related to the prostate itself),
  • MRI of the prostate – when needed to complete the diagnosis,
  • Histopathological examination (of a piece of tissue taken from the prostate under a microscope – when there is a need to complete the diagnosis, which is the basis for the diagnosis of cancer.

As patient service reminds us, a PSA concentration determination can also be requested by a primary care physician. You will also do it under Prevention 40PLUS. Do not randomly select the PSA concentration and do not treat such a test as sufficient. The result itself can be very misleading. Do not self-diagnose. You need a referral to see a urologist. You will get it from your GP.

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