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How do you live with Asperger syndrome? There will be changes in benefits – Zdrowie Wprost

How do you live with Asperger syndrome?  There will be changes in benefits - Zdrowie Wprost

Asperger’s syndrome is a developmental disorder that belongs to the autism spectrum, better known as the mild form of autism. Although a small number of children have been diagnosed with it, it is believed that many of them remain undiagnosed. Asperger syndrome and autism share common characteristics such as social problems and withdrawal. However, Asperger’s syndrome allows you to function independently.

Asperger syndrome – symptoms

Symptoms of Asperger syndrome are usually diagnosed between the ages of 3 and 8 years. Asperger syndrome is characterized by many disorders of varying severity. The most distinctive features include:

  • poor social interaction,
  • lack of empathy,
  • unwillingness to cooperate,
  • Communication problem
  • Limited facial expressions
  • no eye contact,
  • speech disorders,
  • pedant language
  • routine behaviors
  • too high or too low sensitivity to sound, light and temperature,
  • narrow and specialized interest in one area,
  • Low movement.

Difficulty in diagnosing

Sometimes Asperger syndrome goes undiagnosed in some people because it goes unnoticed. Children with Asperger syndrome are often gifted with unique abilities in some areas that make personality disorders appear individual. Asperger’s syndrome appears most clearly in adolescence. Later, with the development of the character, the symptoms may change in form, and often disappear completely.

New services for children and adolescents with Asperger syndrome

The Ministry of Health is implementing reform of the child and adolescent mental health care system based on a new benefit delivery model. The benefits should be of higher quality and more accessible. A treatment and rehabilitation program will be implemented for people with autism. Children and teens will be able to use midwifery centers near their place of residence.

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