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How do you lose 5 kg? 3 Simple Ways – Wprost Health

How do you lose 5 kg?  3 Simple Ways - Wprost Health

The Christmas and New Year period are suitable for weight gain. If we don’t fully accept the extra kilos we gained after eating the Christmas delicacies, we shouldn’t get carried away about it. You can get rid of them if we approach the matter in a realistic and consistent manner. No miracle diets and no fasting!

Why did we gain weight?

Before we begin the process of losing weight, it is worth considering the source of the extra weight. Perhaps we have become so attached to the ritual of reaching for the coffee cake that we eat too much Salty snacks While watching your favorite series, or maybe we eat too much or too little? Maybe we stopped moving? By answering these questions, we can easily find the cause of excess body fat. This is the first step to reduce it!

How do you lose 5 kg?

to lose 5 kilos, You need to change your eating habits. No fasting, thanks to which we quickly get rid of unnecessary fats, is not a healthy or recommended method. To prevent your body from reacting to the yo-yo effect later, you should lose weight slowly. It is assumed that it is safe and optimal to lose one kilogram per week.

When you decide to start the weight loss process, it is worth:

  1. Limit starch-containing flour products Giving up white bread, pasta, rice or potatoes sometimes allows you to notice the positive effects very quickly. We feel lighter because nothing blocks us!
  2. drink a lot of water – It’s so obvious, but we often forget it. By taking care of proper hydration, we do not store water in the body, thanks to which we lose weight faster
  3. Give up sweets – There are no concessions here. Chocolate, biscuits and cakes are a source of extra calories. A large amount of calories.
  4. Don’t eat in the evening – In winter we often like to spend the evenings watching TV series and movies. Let’s not eat during the sessions, and if we have to chew something, let’s look for dried apples and other fruits
  5. start moving – The sofa is warm and comfortable, but we certainly will not lose weight while lying on it. Walking, exercises, jogging, Nordic walking – it does not matter what activity we offer, but whether we do it regularly. Move healthy!
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By applying these rules, we quickly find that the weight begins to drop.

How to lose weight from the abdomen?

Eat from smaller plates

This is a smart measure thanks to which we eat fewer calories during the meal. It looks bigger on a small plate, which is proven by research. On the other hand, when you take a large plate, you can feel an incomplete portion and reach it more quickly. This leads to unnecessarily increased calories and weight.

…and chew well.

When you eat, remember to eat slowly and chew properly. Let the enzymes in your saliva run and signal to your brain when the saturation level is. Good chewing also helps to break down food more efficiently, making it easier for the stomach to digest it.

Make sure you get enough sleep

Studies have shown that lack of sleep in humans can lead to significant weight gain and make it difficult to reduce belly fat. Lack of sleep can lead to stress as well as increase your appetite for high-calorie foods. Therefore, it is important to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep during the night.

Stay hydrated
Drinking plenty of water allows you to hydrate your body and speed up your metabolism. Drink before a meal to suppress the craving for high-calorie foods and satisfy your hunger faster. Always carry a bottle of water with you during the day, and use herbal tea in the evening. Many of them have a sedative effect, which leads to a better night’s sleep.

Finally, remember to stand properly at your desk

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Whether you work at a desk or spend most of your day in a different position, it is important to monitor your posture. Why does it matter when losing weight? Maintaining good posture helps engage the muscles in the abdominal area. In addition, it will benefit our spine, as excess weight and stress will be eliminated.Read also:
Thanks to these products, we gain weight in the winter. It is better to reduce it

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