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“How does a man work?” – New book by Tomasz Rożek – Nauka To Like

"How does a man work?"  - New book by Tomasz Rożek - Nauka To Like

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“How does a man work?” It is a guide full of knowledge that allows you to tell the little ones about the functioning of the human body in an interesting and understandable way. As of November 6, Tomasz Rożek’s new book is available in the Science Foundation Store. Love her.

A body without secrets

The youngest asks a lot of questions about the body. Very accurate and insightful, as more than one adult discovered, he heard, among other things: Why does the knee bend? How fast is your heart beating? How many hairs in one eyebrow? No wonder the human body interests them so much. Admit it, a man is one of the most amazing items in the world! And while the questions of the youngest are not always difficult, answering them in an understandable way can be a challenge.

Don’t leave your kids unanswered when they ask about the human body. To the young man’s curiosity, the answers are the driving force behind the evolution. And yes, it is a reason to ask more questions, but it also allows the youngest to get to know and understand the world around them better. OK, but what if you don’t know the answer to any of these simple childish questions? It’s best to look for it together! A good guide to the secrets of the human body is Thomas Roczyk’s new book “How does a human work?”

Let yourself be convinced that man is a magician!

When we talk about the human body, one must keep in mind that we still do not know everything and there is not a day when we do not learn anything new about man. This does not mean that we know little. In the book How does a person work? You will find many answers to questions that many scientists once asked themselves. Of course, describe it in an easy and understandable way.

Dr. Thomas Roschek has been known for years for explaining and talking about difficult scientific issues in a way that both adults and younger audiences can understand. That’s what you can expect from his new book, a family edition, suitable for 5-year-olds. The post answers the question “How does a human work?” in a comprehensive and understandable way.

In more than 120 pages you will find a lot of interesting facts and information about the functioning of the human body. As always with Dr. Rożka, which enjoys the sympathy as well as the trust of its viewers and readers, relies on reliable sources. The full version is enriched with colorful attractive illustrations, which may seem simplistic at times, but it certainly allows you to better understand how humans work. Especially younger readers of the book.

This book is a guide to the human body. There I answer many questions, but not all, because some of them are still unknown to us. Perhaps in the future the child inspired by this book will become a scientist who will solve one of the mysteries that has plagued humanity? How beautiful it would be!

Dr. Thomas Roshik

The new book by Tomasz Rożek – I still need to know

  • The book corresponds to the existing book Phil seriesto speakThanks to him, children and parents can better understand the human phenomenon.
  • All subjects will enable parents to spend time creatively with their children, as well as play and learn independently.
  • The product is mainly suitable for children aged 5-12 years, but some interesting facts will surprise adults as well.
  • The book includes illustrations by Sarah Olciuska and Marek Oleksiki.
  • The book is supplemented by a playbook: “This is how a man works,” written by the wife of Thomas Roczyk, Anna Leszczynska-Roczyk. Kids Notebook is a combination of comic book, tasks and coloring books. You can read more about it over here
  • Radio 357 took media care at all
the book "How does the man work?"

Where do you order the book?

On November 6, the preview of Thomas Roczyk’s book “How Does Man Work?” This item and complementary notepad “This is how a man works” can only be ordered in the store Science Foundation. Love her. Items will not be available in libraries. The book will go on sale regularly after the 21st of November.

Agnieszka Ochman

Agnieszka Ochman

I have been working with words for nearly 10 years. I wrote for local and regional media and was responsible for writing advertisements. in science. For me, it is a pleasure to run parenting projects, the subject matter of which is very close to me. Hours later, I became a fan of lifestyle photography.

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