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How does stress and sleep affect your life? Take the test and learn the solutions in the ‘Peaceful Head’ procedure

How does stress and sleep affect your life?  Take the test and learn the solutions in the 'Peaceful Head' procedure

Check your stress level and sleep quality (test)

How do you rate your stress or sleep levels? Even if you sleep well, it is worth cultivating the quality of your renewal every day. It is a third of your life that determines your daily well-being, effective thinking, emotional processing, memory, and focus.

If you feel like you have a lot of energy, negative thoughts in the evening, or you are unable to sleep for other reasons, it is worth taking action. As long as the problem is not serious enough to see a specialist, you can try relaxation, evening meditation, or sleep music.

You can hear dozens of these recordings in the Mindy app. You will definitely find your favourites. Piotr Fronczewski will read one of the fun ways to relax!

Today you can experience deep relaxation before bed:

Relaxing before bed (video)

The tendency to fall asleep quickly is not always a sign of good quality sleep. It is a myth that these traits are an indication of good sleep on a daily basis. Rather, these are signs that should worry you – such as excessive daytime sleepiness that may be a symptom of chronic insomnia, a sleep disorder such as obstructive sleep apnea – or severe and temporary pauses in sleep – or poor sleep at night (Carscaddon & Asebo, 2002).

  1. The tension is unforgiving. It degrades the organs faster

Did you know that sleep deprivation is on the torture list and can kill you faster than starvation? In the long run, poor sleep quality leads to metabolic problems, disorders of the cardiovascular and immune system, disturbances in hormone production and regulation, and negatively affects mental health (Naitoh, Kelly & Englund, 1990). You can learn more about good sleep, as well as the facts and myths about it In an article on Mindy’s blog. In the Mindy app, take advantage of relaxation, autogenic training, yoga nidra and music to support deep sleep.

Let’s talk about stress – this “silent killer” we are warned about at every turn. Is it really so? Stress is a normal function of our body. He helped our ancestors survive various difficult situations. Today we don’t have to fight tigers, but responding to stress still helps us with physical and intellectual challenges.

What is the problem is chronic stress. It’s a situation where we operate at a high level of readiness all the time. We interpret almost all messages we receive as a very real threat. And in today’s world there are many of them.

By working in this way, it is impossible to return to a state of equilibrium and restore the lost energy. This unfortunately leads to significant weakness in the body, and in the long run to physical and mental illness.

  1. Unexpected epidemiological impact. Our health suffers

Do you want to know more about it? You can learn how to deal with bad stress with a training course in the Mindy app. It was created based on the achievements of Professor of Medicine John Kabat-Zinn, the creator of the mindfulness method for stress reduction. You can listen to the first lesson now:

Reducing stress – exercise (video)

Our ancestors fought real tigers for life, and today we fear tigers in our heads disguised as our thoughts.

Science today clearly confirms that when we have a greater distance from our thoughts, our habitual interaction decreases. So it is easier for us to control strong stress reactions.

How do I achieve this? You can exercise your brain! Make meditation part of your daily schedule. It is an exercise in alertness and focus. During meditation, we focus on what is happening in the present moment, on our feelings at a particular moment, on the stimuli that come to us. This ability to focus helps reduce stress and tension, and builds resilience and mental flexibility.

Getting started with meditation can seem difficult. But nothing could be more wrong. Remember, meditation is not about getting all the thoughts out of your head! On the contrary, you have to notice them, but do not judge them. A moment with your breath and your thoughts helps you get to know yourself better.

Do you want to start your adventure with meditation? Try the video below, recommended for beginners. It’s under 7 minutes to help you start your day beautifully. In the premium version of Mindy you will find more than 100 recordings that support different needs, life moments and emotional states.

Morning Meditation – Listen (WIDEO)

As you become aware of your thoughts and emotions, you will have more distance between them. Then you can take better action that matches the situation you find yourself in. It is worth developing your knowledge in the field of psychology. You can read valuable books, follow the content of psychologists, experts and therapists online, or find proven content by searching on the Mindy mobile app.

  1. How does stress affect the appearance of the face? The list of malicious changes is too long

You can relieve stress with physical activity, such as an evening bike ride, or meditation, and breathing exercises. relaxation techniques And calm. It is really important that you take at least 15 minutes out of your day to recover.

Just like you schedule meetings, take a break during the day. A relaxed mind will definitely be better at dealing with all stimuli. Did you know that the parasympathetic system works at rest? He is responsible for your peace of mind. It is a keeper of balance: it slows down the activity of the heart, reduces the contractility of its cells, causes a decrease in pressure, and enhances the absorption of digested food.

For the proper functioning of the mind, it is also important to rest at night, so do not neglect this aspect. You can also try short breaks throughout the day – even 10 minutes of relaxation, meditation or breathing exercises can give you great results, focus, better efficiency and more energy. You’ll find these mentoring sessions at Mindy. In one of them, you can even listen to the legendary voice of Piotr Fronczewski, which will help you relax during the day.

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Dozens of certified trainers, psychologists and experts have prepared mindfulness training, psychological courses, development exercises, accessible knowledge, relaxation techniques, sleep recordings, focus and relaxation.

Just download the Mindy app from the store google browser or An apple, create an account and on the package selection screen, enter the promotional code: MEDONET. It will open 20 percent. Discounts and up to 21 days of free trial, during which you can cancel for free. It is currently the best such offer on the market.

With the Mindy app you will take care of a calm and healthy head. Speak soon!

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