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How has the epidemic affected our psyche? Experts warn

Jak pandemia wpłynęła na naszą psychikę? Eksperci ostrzegają

The COVID-19 pandemic has a negative impact on our psyche. Young people who are repeatedly forced to live in seclusion are particularly vulnerable to mental disorders. Experts warn: some psycho-epidemic effects will not appear until years later.

Young people’s disconnection from their peers, distance learning, lack of social meetings, and fear for the future are factors that will have an impact on the mental state of young people. The pandemic continues, and adolescents are suffering from increased pandemic stress. Young people live in a state of constant uncertainty, and it is difficult for them to plan anything. Those who entered college during the pandemic have spent most of their time in front of a computer screen, giving lectures online. Epidemiological experiences can cause many difficulties in adult life.

as dr. Dorota Podgórska-Jachnik from the University of Lodz – Some psycho-epidemic effects may appear among young people even after several months or years. Certainly, the pandemic will be a common generation experience for current students.

Even before the epidemic, the condition of young people was a cause for concern

On Monday, November 29, the Conference “School in (Post) Pandemic – Training and Counseling Opportunities” was held at Cardinal Stefan Wiesinski’s University in Warsaw.

Private educator and psychologist Dr. Love. Dorota Podgórska-Jachnik from the University of لودód spoke about the situation of students during the pandemic. She admitted that the mental state of young people before the pandemic really worried us at the time.

As the expert said – the problem lies in various types of depression, anxiety, nervous disorders, sleep and appetite disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder in children and adolescents. To this, you can add different types of signals about exposure to violence at home or in the online environment – she added.

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According to the expert, the number of suicides in this group is still quite high.

– These problems have been noted by psychologists and psychiatrists. At the moment, a system of counseling, psychological support and psychotherapy is being implemented located near the school, closer to young people, and I think that in the coming years, if this program is implemented, it is better to have access to this type of service – evaluated.

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Some epidemiological psychological effects may take years to materialize

The difficulties of the pandemic will forever leave their mark on the psyche of young people who have never faced such a situation before. Even if the mental health impact of a pandemic is, in some cases, imperceptible, symptoms of a mental disorder may take time to appear. Isolating a mature person from their peers may lead to problems in establishing closer relationships in the future.

We must be aware of the fact that some psycho-epidemic effects may only appear. Dr. said. Podgorska Gatchnik.

In her view, the epidemic had an additional negative impact on children and adolescents. Social skills have declined during the pandemic.

– This is the loss of relations with the school, with peers, which leads to secondary relationship disorders. This regression in social skills can be found in the context of direct contact, but also indirectly it can be detected based on conversations with young people – she said.
The expert emphasized that these were her own observations, but were enriched by a review of the literature on young people in times of pandemic.

Source: PAP

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