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How LGBT Activists Are Manipulating Science

Kobieta z wąsami [Tylko u nas] Waldemar Krysiak: Jak aktywiści LGBT manipulują nauką

Rainbow activists love the flag and only promote it if they agree with them. However, when one dares to act against progressive dogmas, he is immediately attacked. This is what happened recently with ukasz Sakowski, a science promoter from To Tylko Teoria: because he criticized gender ideology.

The gradual takeover of scientific centers by left-wing activists is called the “March Through Institutions”. It started decades ago, at the time of the sexual revolution. Despite the potential positive effects of this march (eg, decriminalization of voluntary adult same-sex behavior and de-stigmatization of health problems), the results of this process are mostly negative. The left-wing march through institutions has pushed conservative thinkers out of the academic space, disrupted the healthy distribution of worldviews in universities and crippled disciplines such as psychology and sociology. Anti-science ideologies devoured the humanities, which had the power to translate the world. As a result, when we hear today the statements of some “American experts” about human nature, we either look at them with frozen eyes or reject them altogether.

progressive cancer

We also see the most serious examples of the left’s pernicious influence on the world of higher education better now, after many years in which progressive cancer has devoured academic thinking. In the West, university professors openly encourage leniency toward pedophilia (“You can’t stigmatize their feelings, only actions!”), they encourage transgender children, and force their students to use “universal toilets.” Where knowledge and skill once grew, there have been debates about whether mathematics is racist and logic is a product of postcolonialism (whatever that is). However – it seems! Non-political fields of knowledge such as glaciology have fallen victim to purely political sciences such as feminism. Those who don’t believe should search the Internet for “feminist glaciology” and see that even glaciers can be turned into “instruments of patriarchy”.

So it seems that universities are irreversible. However, the academic community is not the only place for people thirsting for knowledge. Many people are getting it online today: in movies, podcasts, and popular science blogs. They are free, often creative, and provide information without jargon. Their creators are often loyal enthusiasts who know what they are talking about, with professional sourcing. One such creator of popular science content is ukasz Sakowski, author of the “To Tylko Teoria” blog.

Sakosky has been involved in popularizing science for a long time. The focus of his work is on biology and medicine, but on his website you can also find information in the field of geography and psychology. The posts take the form of efficiently created infographics (most of which encourage us to “say yes to science”) and interesting snapshots of the natural world. Only this theory – unlike many websites run by companies and media – generates a lot of natural traffic on the Internet: practically every post is full of reactions and comments. And all this would be problem-free, especially for the TTT author, if he had not recently rebelled against anti-science gender ideology.

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Sakusuke under the podium

Last year, Sakosky began by pointing out that a large portion of the humanities have turned toward crazy gender studies. The celebrity of science has begun to criticize giving hormones and blockers to children with gender dysphoria (studies show that about 80% of children outgrow “transgender”) and the ridiculous breeding of “gender identities,” which are equal in weight with the fact of biological sex. . Progressive activists did not like this. A wave of hatred erupted at Sakusuke.

The hatred caused by Sakosky tried with his polite manner, although there were specific publications, calling him homophobic. However, since Sakusky is a gay man himself, which he does not hide, the correction quickly faded. This was followed by the transphobic argument: the criticism of hormonal damage to children was allegedly due to some irrational and irrational fear or hatred of all people who did not identify with their true gender. However, Sakuski has remained objective in his entries, so it was difficult to keep the mark of phobias here. So rainbow activists came up with another weapon: they began to argue that Sakusky goes against science.


On May 19 of this year, the Council for the Advancement of Science, a quasi-political group closely associated with the National Academy of Sciences, released a statement that was apparently drunk on Sakosky’s recent activities:

The Council for the Promotion of Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences is concerned with attempts to use scientific communication in the public sphere to perpetuate stereotypes that harm transgender people and to propagate views about gender identity that are not or are not supported by current scientific knowledge that is not subject to scientific consensus.

– We read in a statement from last month that was published on the council’s official website.

For this reason, the Board of Science Publication of the Polish Academy of Sciences takes the position that the transmission of scientific knowledge on socially sensitive issues must take into account the well-being of people who are discriminated against.

– Added advice in the published text.

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This statement means, no less, no more, that in the scientific (popular) debate there is an important (major?) role to be played by the feelings of the social group (“well-being”, key word, definition which is so broad that it covers everything: from health actual physical, to countless hysterical feelings) that research and conversations are about. In this case: transgender people, or rather activists who declare themselves as representatives of all transgender people. To support the thesis that a person’s “well-being” should (participate) in making a decision about science, the board presented… one study:

The Science Publication Board of the Polish Academy of Sciences states that, according to the latest scientific research (Polska et al., 2021), transgender people in Poland are the most affected by the effects of systematic discrimination between LGBTQ representatives. + community. For example, nearly 61% of transgender people have symptoms of major depression. This group also had the highest density of suicidal thoughts.

Which means – to put it in a clown-free form – “You should not criticize rainbow movements, someone may be sad”. This is it: “Transgender people are often depressed, so we should agree to blackmail on their part.”

The very impudent assumption – that someone’s depression is supposed to constitute the freedom of scientific discussion and its dissemination – is not, however, the most ridiculous problem with this judgment. The Science Publication Board, consisting of, among other things, journalists, activists and left-wing activists – was based on research that, in my opinion, is of negligible (no?) objective value.

Polska et al. (2021). Social status of LGBT people in Poland. The 2019-2020 report can be called a joke rather than a scientific article. This “Poll” is a simple online survey conducted on selected left-handed sites, with left-handed material and left-handed target.

As far as I know, nearly all of the people who filled out the questionnaire were young adults, about 20 years old. The questions they answered were as general as possible, such as those related to non-gay suicidal thoughts. Others were about hiring or not, about unverifiable feelings and emotions.

So I think we’re dealing here with a very selective study that’s trying to report on the whole of society. If someone answers that they have no job, is identified as transgender, and has felt depressed or discriminated against in their life, the survey considers their voice to be objective and presents it as evidence of alleged transgender harassment. The same transsexuals who can really do with their bodies in Poland what they want and who already have the same rights in our country as the rest of society.

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If that wasn’t enough, as far as I know, the far-left organizations responsible for creating this survey are the Lambda Warsaw and Campaign Against Homophobia. The former supports, for example, for years the myth that there are “gay-free zones” in Poland, and the latter has been discredited by promoting the lie of an activist paying Stop Bzdurom under the tram. How can we expect the research produced by such petty, politicized organizations to be objective?

“win over”

However, this research was used by the Council for the Promotion of Science in its statement, which may have been criticized by Łukasz Sakowski of To Tylko Teoria. The whole procedure was so biased that Polish converts activists, and their fellow council members, congratulated him for its implementation. Some – those most satisfied by the council for their narcissism – publicly thanked on social media that some sort of order was set up with a scientific conductor who dared criticize their policies. Sakowski responded to the statement, explaining the errors in the research and the fact that the Science Publication Board is nothing but a quasi-scientific extension of the Polish Academy of Sciences. But this was not concerned with left-wing activists. In their eyes, gender ideology was victorious here, and that was enough for them.

However, for all of us, this should remain a lesson, and yet another example of how LGBT activists treat science: as a blunt tool they use to outsmart others. Someone criticizing the ideology of the genre? We will rally our fellow newspaper to attack him under the guise of science! Someone showing data that doesn’t match our data? We’ll show that research is on our side! There is no such search? Then we’ll do an online poll for Julek and we’ll call it Facts! The truth is not on our side? Much worse for the truth.

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