September 22, 2021

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How long does an electric car have and how much does it cost?  photos, test

How long does an electric car have and how much does it cost? photos, test

The BMW iX3 is the brand’s first electric SUV. With a battery capacity of 73 kWh, it promises a range of more than 450 km on a combined cycle. That’s why, during the test, which lasted for several days, I decided first to check how it performed on a longer road out of town.

  • The electric BMW iX3 is based on the X3 SUV model. From the outside it is distinguished by details and .. green license plates
  • When fully charged, the BMW iX3 offers a range of about 450 km. Under certain conditions, this is enough to get to the seashore without using a charger on the road
  • List prices for the BMW iX3 in the Polish market start from PLN 287,000. 500 PLN
  • More such information can be found on the home page of

The advantages of “electric” in an urban environment and for short daily distances are well known. Driving without domestic CO2 emissions, can be held accountable Cheap electricity (at least for now) From my home socket, silence in the cabin, and this Privilege to use bus lanes In traffic jams and free parking in the paid area. However, driving the electric car on a longer road seems to be a challenge, and getting to the destination – an achievement. Therefore, during several days of testing the BMW iX3, I tried to spend more time on the roads outside the city than in central Warsaw.