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How long does the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro last? I made sure!

How long does the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro last?  I made sure!

Even before the watch’s premiere Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro There has been a lot of talk about the fact that – compared to his predecessors – he will make a huge leap in terms of working time. How is it actually?

I’ve been using the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro for quite some time, but I’m still too short to have a definitive opinion on the matter. Meanwhile, it has been long enough for me to go through several battery cycles in different operating scenarios. I know that people who are interested in getting the latest Samsung smartwatch are very curious about when it actually works, so… it’s time to talk a little bit about it.

Especially since the presale of this miracle lasts only a few days – until August 25. By purchasing it until then, you’ll get it for free Galaxy Buds 2 Its value is about 500-600 PLN. If you want to dispel your doubts about the displayed uptime, I’m here to help!

acceptance word

As you well know, I was a user Galaxy Watch 4 classic In the smaller version (42mm), while my fiancé used the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic for a long time in the 46mm option (moved later to the iPhone, and of course the Apple Watch). So I know from experience how much time previous Samsung watches have shown. In the case of the smaller version, it was an average of the day (with the need to recharge every night), and in the case of the larger version – 1.5 days, with flashes of up to 2 days.

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The problem is that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is not a successor to any of the mentioned models. After all, it’s not the Classic, but the Pro – devoid of the distinctive rotating physical ring, which I enjoyed so much while using the smartwatch. Here we have a digital equivalent of the ring, which – importantly – performs much better than the Galaxy Watch 4 (without the Classic – as a reminder, primary four It also has no physical framework, only digital).

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in two versions – 42 mm and 46 mm

What is the uptime offered by Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro?

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm has a 247mAh battery, while the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46mm has a 361mAh battery. For comparison, a 590mAh cell is placed inside the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which – inevitably – apart from the aspect of using a different processor, should result in an extended runtime. The only question is how much?

During the testing period so far, I have been able to check the battery of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro through three complete battery cycles. Each of them differed a little from the other so that I could offer different scenarios for action. If you have other suggestions – let me know in the comments, I’ll take them into account when creating a full review.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro battery in different scenarios

get to work – The longest battery life lasted less than four days! It started at 9 am on one day and ended at 5 pm on the fourth day. This working time was achieved without Always on Display turned on, all automatic health measurements turned on with sleep mode turned on at night, with active sleep measurement turned on.

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The second usage scenario differed from the above by switching the screen to always on screen mode, and thus with AoD activated. In this mode, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro worked perfectly for a day less – the cycle started a day before 9:00 and ended on the third day at 5:00 pm.

The third and final usage scenario so far that I was able to verify was AoD enabled and health metrics switched to continuous mode. Interestingly, the constantly turned on pulse and pressure measurements did not seem to affect the working time in any way – the watch worked from 11 days until the end of the third day.

Let me just add that during each battery cycle, the screen brightness was set to automatic and the snoring monitor was turned off at night. Of course, all phone notifications, as well as directions while driving the car, worked when the navigation was launched on the smartphone.

Out of curiosity, I would like to add that apart from these cycles, I also happened to run once with a new Samsung on my wrist. Within an hour of activity, with GPS turned on and Bluetooth headphones connected (this was the case Galaxy Buds 2 Pro), the watch has lost 10% of the battery. In a similar scenario, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm consumed twice the power in half the time.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro with AoD enabled
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro with AoD enabled

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Battery Life in Plus – Finally!

My tests so far show that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is able to work for 55-80 hours on a single charge, depending on whether the Always on Display feature is turned off/on. These are really good results for every representative of the fourth series of Samsung smartwatches.

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In terms of uptime, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is a huge improvement over previous Samsung smartwatches. Finally, you don’t have to worry about taking your charger with you on a two-day (or weekend) trip out of town.

In every other respect, it’s still a great smartwatch based on Wear OS, with great potential. And how we use it depends only on ourselves.

This smartwatch is a little expensive 😉 As a reminder, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is available in two versions – with WiFi for PLN 2149 and LTE for PLN 2349.

If you have any questions – let me know in the comments, and I will try to answer them as much as possible during the presale.

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