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How many PlayStation consoles were sold? The number causes the jaw to fall

How many PlayStation consoles were sold?  The number causes the jaw to fall

It has long been known that Sony PlayStation consoles are very popular. Despite this, the total number of devices sold is impressive.

Since the beginning, Sony has been very successful in the gaming hardware market. The first PlayStation was a huge success and sold over 100 million copies. It was similar to other devices, but how many devices did the Japanese sell in total? The number causes the jaw to fall out.

Number of PlayStation devices sold

It’s no secret that the most famous console in Sony’s history was the PlayStation 2, which found a total of 155 million buyers around the world. It’s also the most popular console in history, because by a hair, more or less than a million to be exact, it’s way ahead of the Nintendo DS in terms of sales. In second place among Sony’s hardware is the PS4, which reached 117.2 million people, putting the device in fourth place all-time (behind PS2, Nintendo DS and Game Boy).

Selling PlayStation family consoles

On the other hand, the portable console, the PlayStation Vita, was the worst. This one was purchased by only 16 million people. Even the PlayStation 5, which is still a modern console, has found more buyers, that is, 25 million. In total, PlayStation has sold 579.1 million consoles worldwide throughout its history. This is a number that only Nintendo can match. For comparison, sales of Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S are estimated at about 179 million, and these are estimates, because Microsoft does not boast specific numbers.

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