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How many years do you have left of health? Check Biological Age & Lifestyle Calculator

How many years do you have left of health?  Check Biological Age & Lifestyle Calculator

Editorial office Medonet

| Publication date: 08/10/2021 09:10

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We want to be fit for as long as possible to enjoy life to the fullest. However, few know that this lifestyle can be responsible for up to 20 years of health. How do you scan? Use the calculator below. By answering questions about your health and daily habits, you will discover how much health you can expect and what your biological age is. The survey is anonymous and your data is safe.

The Biological Age Calculator is based on the longevity model developed by the Lab4Life team. Now, thanks to the cooperation of Medonet and Lab4Life, the tool is freely available to all users of

When creating the calculator, the Lab4Life team’s goal was to develop the world’s most accurate model, so that everyone could use it here and now without the need for additional research.

To achieve this goal, the team used health history data from 550,000 people, including those from the UK Biobank and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA). Thousands of information was used about the health and lifestyle of the research participants, such as meal composition, length and quality of sleep, smoking and activity measured 24 hours a day. Due to the fact that the research has been conducted over many years, this was the first time that the long-term impact of lifestyle on health could be investigated in a comprehensive way.

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Thanks to machine learning methods, scientists from Lab4Life have developed a model with unprecedented accuracy and adapted it to the specifics of the Polish population. This model is integrated into the Biological Age Calculator so that everyone can instantly check their lifestyle and its impact on a healthy life expectancy.

In times of pandemic, our lifestyle often deteriorates dramatically. Poles gained weight and became less physically active. Check out how your lifestyle affects you and the habits you can change to improve your fitness and well-being and extend your healthy life.

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