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How often is linen washed? Take care of your sleep and health

How often is linen washed?  Take care of your sleep and health

We use bedding regularly. We spend a few hours, sometimes several hours a day. Sweat and skin are perfect breeding grounds for fungi and bacteria. How do you take care of proper bed linen hygiene?

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Why is it important to wash bed linen?

When we sleep, our skin peels off and our body sweats. It is normal for bed linen to get dirty. It contains bacteria, mites, fungi, and often other debris and dirt. Therefore, it is important to keep the bedding clean. Not only for our convenience, but also for health.

How often do you wash the bedding? It depends on several factors

How often we should wash linen depends on several aspects. Usually that’s enough We will do this is every two weeksAnd if we have a pet – weekly. It must be remembered that in summer, when high temperatures hit us, we sweat more, so we must also do it more often than, for example, in winter. By maintaining proper linen hygiene, we will reduce the risk of allergies and skin or respiratory problems.

How often should you wash cotton bedding?

Before we start washing bedding, we must thoroughly read the manufacturer’s recommendations. We’ll find them on the tag. The washing temperature depends, among other things, on the material from which the bedding is made:

  • Cotton and linen We often wash at 60 degrees,
  • satin or z Bark at 40-60 ° C,
  • let’s go at 40°C.
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The best temperature is 60 degreesBecause there we can eliminate all fungi, bacteria and mites. The bedding will not only be soft and pleasant to the touch, but also clean.

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