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How to be a good parent and not go crazy? Bobolen Parents’ Academy has begun! – Health

How to be a good parent and not go crazy?  Bobolen Parents' Academy has begun!  - Health

What do you do when a child starts sucking his thumb? How do you help your child in the difficult period of teething? How do you make your child sleep through the night? These and other questions bother all parents of children up to 3 years old. The free educational platform Bobolen Parents’ Academy was created specifically for them and their dilemmas in the first period of their children’s development.

Parents of young children have so many questions and doubts that it is often difficult to find answers in the chaos of information on the Internet. Bobolen Parents’ Academy was created for them – a place where they will find specialized knowledge in various areas related to the early years of a child’s life. We want to make sure that parents are aware that they are using the best source of information, and that they are doing everything they can to take care of their children in the best possible way. – says Joanna Pekarska, Senior Brand Manager.

To ensure the sustainable development of children and parents, Bobolen Parents’ Academy experts have prepared 42 courses, 39 podcasts and 44 instructions, which cover all topics related to the upbringing, health and care of children up to 3 years old. Parent gets absolutely free access to audio-visual courses, audio podcasts, guides, interviews with pediatricians, midwives, psychologists, lawyers, speech therapists and sensory integrators.

A special place on the Bobolen Parents Academy platform is the Active Mum Zone, where you can learn how motherhood can open the way for self-development. The site also accompanies a Facebook fan page where parents can support each other, exchange information and ask questions to experts.

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Since its inception, nearly 2,500 users have logged into the Bobolen Parent Academy platform and this number is growing rapidly. In June, parents can, among other things, take part in a meeting with the well-known physiotherapist Bauie Zawkowski, author of several publications on supporting the development of the child. The webinar will cover the steps of a child’s development: lying down, rolling over, raising the head, sitting up, or walking.

Bobolen is a brand that has been caring for the well-being of our little ones for years. We associate it, among other things, with a teething gel, which effectively calms the symptoms associated with the eruption of the first teeth and restores good sleep for both children and their parents, or a cough syrup with Icelandic lichen extract that protects the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat of children and adults. Bobolen now provides expert knowledge that is invaluable in the first three years of a child’s life and supports us in the challenges of parenting at every moment of our little ones’ development!

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