October 19, 2021

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How to fly to America?  Lots of rituals, but the planes are packed

How to fly to America? Lots of rituals, but the planes are packed

Boeing 787-9 carries 297 passengers.

Especially in large airports, the air crisis is declining. It certainly was not felt on the planes. This is a deceptive idea. Since the number of flights is still much lower than before the epidemic, airlines have machines they cannot fill. The Schengen area, the United States is still closed for coming from China, South Africa and Brazil.

The United States is only scheduled to “open” in early November 2021. It is not known exactly when, but bookings for flights with European carriers via the Atlantic have tripled since Washington announced several days ago. Passengers must then show a full vaccine of one of the approved products in the United States, namely Pfizeren BioNtech, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson, recovery certificate or negative COVID-19 test result. For now, travel vaccination certificates are not required, but they are required, for example, conference organizers in the United States, without them, we would not be allowed anywhere.

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So we travel between Europe and the United States on terms that are still in effect. Currently there are no tourist arrivals from Europe. Exceptions Americans, their immediate family and persons traveling in business, have previously demonstrated that their presence in the United States is “important” to that country’s economy. As well as students and people with permanent work permits in this country. Of course they have a valid visa or ESTA.

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You do not have to apply to the US Embassy (National Interest Exception). It is a good idea to have invitation letters to states from companies that organize conference, meeting, return tickets and hotel bookings. Attached to the collection of such documents is a letter describing what we are moving towards, appearing online at the US Consulate in WarsawNIE @ state gov. The application selection process takes 15 days, but the answer is available after a week. If it is positive, it is necessary to enter it into the computer and print it so that the system system does not run the risk of crashing. It really happens. The airline we are traveling with should contact the US Customs and Border Patrol Regional Carrier Liaison Committee (RCLG). It continues and it would be a big problem if the airport we landed at was a transfer port for us. Because if something goes wrong, unfortunately there is isolation in the United States, the length of which varies from state to state and city to city. You need to check how many days you are alone in the often changing terms. For New York, it was 14 days. After the fourth day of isolation, you should be tested and kept in solitary confinement until the test is negative.

However, no airline in the Schengen area will accept a non-passenger: no and negative COVID 19 test result and location document will not be completed. These are all valid when checking tickets and luggage.

After landing, border services should check what we want to enter and guide the passenger for additional control. This usually takes a few minutes and is “pure pleasure” compared to the situation where an officer, for example, suspects a traveler is going to work or has the wrong type of visa. And there are a lot of visas of this kind.

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If the response to our request for NO is negative, the embassy recommends that you go to some other country where you can enter without restrictions (for example Mexico) after waiting 15 days for isolation after receiving a negative COVID test result of -19 (may be antigenic, but PCR is better) or show a healing condition , You can fly to the United States. Without this test, no one is allowed to enter the United States today, but we travel across the country without any restrictions.


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On the flight, you still need to fill out the location form, in which we provide all the travel details. After landing, a nice surprise. Because the huge queues for passport control are gone.

Keep in mind that in the United States, covering the mouth and nose with a mask is absolutely mandatory. No discussion here with the cabin crew because it would end badly. The U.S. Aviation Regulatory Commission (FAA) uses zero tolerance in this case, and the denial fine starts at $ 9,000, which would certainly be very reasonable.