September 21, 2021

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How to make a healthy cake from only two ingredients?  Great recipe

How to make a healthy cake from only two ingredients? Great recipe

What do you do in order not to get so bad and … eat satiety with something sweet, which is healthy and contains absolutely no calories? Contrary to appearances, there are ways to create something small in the blink of an eye that will not hit the hips and will appeal to even the most demanding critics (especially those who care about their figure).

Here’s how you can make a healthy cake that can be a new and low-calorie alternative to the famous apple pie!

Instant healthy two-ingredient cake recipe


It is enough to mix gelatin well with apple mousse (homemade jam will be best, but you can also use a ready-made product without added sugar or with a low content of this component). It is worth mixing everything over a saucepan with hot water so that the mass dissolves well and becomes a little liquid and no lumps remain in it.

Then mix everything for 15 minutes at medium speed, then pour into a glass mold lined with plastic wrap, greased with vegetable oil on top, and put in the refrigerator for about 3-4 hours until the dough has cooled.

Finally, put the finished dessert in a separate plate or plate and … eat it with appetite. in good health!

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