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How to receive News24 view results

How to receive News24 view results

News24 is a new news channel that was officially launched on March 1, 2022 at 7.00 am (Technical broadcasting began in February.) The creator of the station is Astro, which has been producing the game show “Familiada” and broadcasting E-Sport TV for years.

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Average number of audience minutes News 24 From April 1 (from that date NAM monitors the channel) until June 13, 2022, the number of people reached 35 people. This translates to 0.00%. Share in the television market, both among all viewers, as well as in the commercial group 16-49 and in the group 16-59 – according to the data of Nielsen Audience Measurement, accessed through the portal It is in the process of negotiating contracts with large cable TVs; It is currently available in more than 120 small cable TV sets in the country. Absence of important players from the portfolio It affects viewership.

Daily RCH at the level of 9.4 thousand viewers

On average, 9.4 thousand people were in contact with the station every day for at least one minute. 4+ viewers. In contrast, the average viewing time was 3 minutes.

In April, the average AMR News24 was 30 people, in May – 55 people, and in the period from June 1 to 13 – 82 people.

Among the odd days, News24 was viewed the most on May 15th. On that day, the channel was followed by an average of 616 viewers aged 4+.

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TVN Media is responsible for the advertising sales of News24. The distributor of News24’s content is Diligata, which has previously introduced Polish channels such as: ESKA.TV, POLO.TV, Fokus.TV, Vox Music.TV, Hip Hop.TV, Nova.TV, 8TV, Metro. TV, WP.TV.

Currently, Toya viewers and many small cable TV operators have access to the channel. News24 can also be seen among others at WP Pilot.

The channel has been working for 18 months

Astro has worked for News24 for a year and a half. In the spring of 2020, the company announced that it was in talks with potential investors, and that the new channel, which also broadcasts on the Internet, would be a policy-free news station.

In May last year News24’s editorial staff actually started working, and its goal in the first months was to “gather as much archive as possible with video materials necessary for the work of news stations”. The plant was scheduled to start operating at the beginning of September. In mid-September, Astro explained that the reason was that the National Court Registry did not record the changes to News12.

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