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How to receive TVP Nauka TVP 4K TVP Terrestrial Music Digital TV Czech Republic T3 rtv subscription savings

How to receive TVP Nauka TVP 4K TVP Terrestrial Music Digital TV Czech Republic T3 rtv subscription savings

The Czech broadcaster does not hide that inflation forced him to save money and high energy prices. ČT3 will disappear in January 2023.

The station was launched in March 2020 with the elderly in mind. Initially, it was mainly broadcasting educational content related to the epidemic, but recently the programs have been dominated by films, series, documents, entertainment programs and music from the archives of the broadcaster.

During the conference on Thursday, Czech TV CEO Petr Dvořák revealed that the broadcaster may resign from other channels after 2024. It is possible to turn off ČT Sport, ČT2 and ČT Art. Dvořák does not intend to abandon the broadcast of the children’s station ČT Déčko.

No increase in rtv subscription for 14 years

The cuts are expected to save CZK 910 million (about 36.8 million euros) by 2024. Czech TV says it has to respond to the devaluation of its revenues. The real value of money from radio and TV subscriptions decreased by 36%. Since 2008, when the tax was last increased. At the same time, wages in the Czech Republic increased by 67%. The subscription fee is 135 CZK per month (about PLN 25).

– A key part of ČT3’s running costs is rewarding creators for re-production (replay). In addition to producing subtitles, audio description, program production and accompanying mode, Czech Public Television has reported announcing the operation of ČT3. Well-known archival programs will pass from this channel to other antennas, but they will be repeated at a lower rate. By the end of the year, the dispatcher will lay off 50 employees. 200 additional people in the next two years. The savings will also include sports. Czech TV wants to resell sub-licenses for specific events. For example, the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The public broadcaster intends to invest less in the production of new programs and co-productions.

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Britain and Germany are also planning to close the sewers

Czech television is not the only public broadcaster who intends to abandon some objective channels. The BBC has announced that BBC Four and BBC Four will end their broadcasts in the coming years. In turn, the BBC News Channel will be linked to BBC World News International. BBC Radio 4 Extra is also to disappear.

A few months ago, Katja Wildermuth, president of Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), did not rule out ending the broadcast of 7 thematic channels of German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF. It’s for Tagesschau24, Phoenix, Kika ZDFInfo, ZDFneo, ARD Alpha and One. The reason for this decision will be the development of broadcast services that effectively replace linear television in many areas. Due to investments in SVoD, Disney and Paramount Global are also closing their channels around the world. Belgian public radio RTBF does not rule out the end of terrestrial broadcasting and the transfer of radio and television stations to live broadcasts.

TVP is on top in terms of number of channels

Although broadcasters are reducing the number of linear channels due to savings or changes in the way television is distributed, TVP continues to create new stations. In 2020, she launched TVP Dokument, in 2021 – TVP Woman and TVP World. By the end of 2022, TVP Nauka, TVP 4K and possibly TVP Muzyka will be launched. President Jacek Kurski has not ruled out the auto channel. There is also TVP Kultura 2, TVP Historia 2, and TVP ABC 2 available to a small audience (online or via HbbTV). The public broadcaster has not sorted out the TVP HD profile for many years. The station, which was founded 14 years ago, when high-definition (HD) television was “nascent” in Poland.

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In total, the TVP portfolio includes 17 stations (not including 16 issues of TVP3, TVP Vilnius, TVP Parlament and Belsat). TVP is among the world’s public broadcasters that broadcast most TV channels. Italian RAI and Chinese CCTV can boast a similar number. However, for the domestic market, the public broadcaster in the country of 1.4 billion citizens offers “only” 17 stations (CCTV1-CCTV 17).

We recently reported that while there is more than $2 billion in subscription compensation for TVP and Polish Radio, from 2023 we will be paying over 11 percent more for radio and television subscriptions. The fee for using the radio receiver should be PLN 8.70 per month (this year PLN 7.50). Owners of television or television and radio equipment must pay PLN 27.30 (currently PLN 24.50).

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